Congressman: Kerry must explain ‘whitewashing’ of public record on Iran deal

by WorldTribune Staff, June 6, 2016

The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has demanded Secretary of State John Kerry turn over all documents and communications related to the intentional editing of a State Department video dealing with the Iran nuclear accord.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Republican, said on “Fox & Friends” on June 6 that Kerry “should come testify before Congress and the Oversight Committee and try to explain this.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz. /AP
Rep. Jason Chaffetz. /AP

“We’ve got a bunch of questions about Iran because we don’t know the details of what happened there,” Chaffetz said, accusing the Obama administration of “whitewashing” the public record.

“It’s becoming more than just a coincidence. I think it’s now a pattern,” he said.

Eight minutes of the 2013 video of a State Department briefing on the Iran deal was edited out. The State Department admitted the video was intentionally edited after previously attributing the missing video to a technical glitch.

Kerry said that whoever ordered the video to be edited was being “stupid and clumsy and inappropriate,” adding he doesn’t want someone who would call for such an action to be working for him, according to The Associated Press.

The State Department said last week that whoever edited the video didn’t remember who requested the edit.

In a New York Times Magazine profile last month, White House aide Ben Rhodes claimed he created an “echo chamber” to sell the nuclear deal.

“It started with Ben Rhodes, who admitted that basically they had snookered the American people into believing that this Iranian deal was what it was supposed to be,” Chaffetz said. “There’s a lot of questions about the Iranian deal that now need to be answered. I’ve got to believe that truth is going to surface.”

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