‘Congenial con man’ or ‘disconnected from reality’? Biden repeats debunked Amtrak story

by WorldTribune Staff, August 4, 2023

In an interview on Monday with a podcaster who focuses on mental health, Joe Biden repeated a thoroughly-debunked story about an Amtrak conductor who supposedly kept track of the miles Biden traveled by train.

“I commuted every day, 300 miles a day,” Biden told podcaster Jay Shetty. “I got to know all the conductors so well, and we became friends. One day as vice president, I was going home on the train — which the Secret Service doesn’t like because there’s so many opportunities to interrupt the train. …

“… And this particular, I’m not going to embarrass him and say his name, grabbed me by the cheek and goes, ‘Joey, baby!’ I thought they were going to shoot him.”

Biden said the conductor then said he’d calculated that Biden had traveled more than 1 million miles on Amtrak.

“My point was, I was on the train a lot,” Biden said.

Even leftist regime media including CNN and The Associated Press have fact-checked and found Biden’s Amtrak story to be Grade A bull—t.

“Everyone around Biden has to know the story is false,” The Western Journal’s Joe Saunders wrote on Aug. 1. “At some point, Biden himself had to know the story was false. But the question for Americans now is, does he believe it’s true?”

“Biden might really believe that a conversation like that happened — just as he might really believe he was a marcher for civil rights (he wasn’t), that he was a liaison for Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir during the Six-Day War (he wasn’t — Biden wasn’t a senator during the Six-Day War, and Meir wasn’t Israel’s prime minister),” Saunders noted.

“He might really think that his helicopter ‘went down’ in Afghanistan (it did, but only the way every other helicopter has gone up and down since there’ve been helicopters), that his house almost burned down in a near-deadly blaze (it didn’t), and so forth and so on … The point is, none of those things are true.”

Joe Biden in 2023 “isn’t simply a boastful stretcher of the truth,” Saunders added. “He’s not just a congenial con man. What that story to a British podcaster published Monday showed was that Biden is simply disconnected from reality” and “not even close to operating with the mental acuity required” for the job.

According to Reuters, Shetty has the No. 1 mental health podcast in the United States.

With Monday’s podcast, Saunders noted, “Shetty hit paydirt” with the “mental health basket case” that is Joe Biden.

“If this is really what Democrats are running on in 2024, the Republican field looks better every day,” Saunders concluded.

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