Comrades: Communist Party USA endorses Biden

by WorldTribune Staff, August 5, 2020

The founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA has endorsed Democrat candidate Joe Biden for president.

Joe Biden has called for ‘revolutionary institutional changes’ in America.

“At this critical hour, every appropriate means of non-violent action must be utilized to remove this regime from power,” Bob Avakian said in a statement.

“And if, in spite of mass protest demanding the removal of the Trump/Pence regime, this regime remains in power when it is time for voting, then — using all appropriate means to work for the removal of this regime must include voting against Trump.”

Avakian instructed his followers not to vote for a third party candidate, saying they must vote for Biden.

“To be clear, this means not a ‘protest vote’ for some candidate who has no chance of winning, but actually voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Biden, in order to effectively vote against Trump,” communist leader said.

“The question is not whether Biden and the Democrats represent something ‘good,’ ” Avakian continued. “Biden is not ‘better’ than Trump, in any meaningful way — except that he is not Trump and is not part of the move to consolidate and enforce fascist rule, with everything that means.”

Avakian has endorsed violent fringe movements in the past, such as the Shining Path — a Maoist rebel movement that tried to overthrow the government of Peru by using guerrilla warfare — in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Biden has called for “revolutionary institutional changes” in America.

Rep. Bass called top communist a ‘friend and mentor’

Rep. Karen Bass, considered one of the leading candidates to be Biden’s running mate, eulogized one of the top members of the Communist Party USA in 2017 and called him a “friend and mentor.”

Politico reported that Bass, California Democrat, praised Oneil Marion Cannon on Jan. 30, 2017, in remarks that were inserted into the Congressional Record. The eulogy failed to mention Cannon’s role in the Communist Party USA, the report said.

Cannon was a top member of the Communist Party USA for decades.

Bass has also drawn scrutiny for her ties to communist Cuba.

Bass traveled to Cuba in 1973 with an organization called the Venceremos Brigade, a joint venture between the Castro regime and left-wing U.S. groups that organized trips for Americans to Cuba. During that trip, she went to see Cuban dictator Fidel Castro speak and, in 2016, when the dictator died, she sparked controversy by referring to him as “commandante en jefe” (commander in chief) and calling his death a “great loss to the people of Cuba.”

Biden campaign reveals its Latino agenda — 136 people watched

Biden on Tuesday night held a virtual event to announce his Latino agenda. A total of 136 people watched, reports say.

The Trump campaign took a dig at Biden, tweeting: “That’s about the same number of Hispanics who go by ‘Latinx.’ ”

Biden has referred to members of the Latin community as “Latinx” – a gender neutral term that reportedly offends the majority of the Latin community.

On Monday the Trump camp unveiled a new ad comparing the “progressive” Biden to Latin socialists and communist revolutionaries.

The ad showed Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro, Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez and others bragging about being progressive.

Biden said at a campaign event last month: “If I’m elected and this [economic package] passes I’m going to be good to go down as one of the most progressive presidents in American history.”

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