‘Completely unacceptable,’ says Trudeau: 40-mile long truckers convoy heads to Canada’s capital

by WorldTribune Staff, January 28, 2022

The massive convoy of “freedom” truckers headed for Ottawa to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers has received tremendous support from Canadians along the way.

Thousands of Canadians have lined the route of the Freedom Convoy, cheered from overpasses and offered to feed drivers in their homes and restaurants. A GoFundMe campaign for the convoy had surpassed $5 million by Wednesday.

The Freedom Convoy plans to arrive in Ottawa on Saturday for a protest against vax mandates.

“It’s a grassroots demonstration that has become far bigger than anything organizers had envisioned,” The Toronto Sun noted. “For the public, the convoy has become a beacon of hope that overreaching COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions and mandates will soon come to an end.”

Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sees it differently.

Trudeau said participants of the protest are a “small fringe minority who are on the way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views. What we are hearing from some people associated with this convoy is completely unacceptable.”

“It’s 70 km long,” Benjamin Dichter, spokesman for the Freedom Convoy 2022, claimed, according to the Toronto Sun. “I have seen footage from an airplane. It’s impressive.”

The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that roughly 15 percent of truckers in the country are not fully vaccinated, or about 16,000 truck drivers.

Starting Jan. 15, the federal government has required Canadian truckers to be fully vaccinated if they want to avoid a 14-day quarantine when they cross into Canada from the United States. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated foreign national drivers will be directed back to the U.S.

Plans call for the convoy to arrive in Ottawa on Saturday for a protest.

If the convoy holds together as it has in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan — it could be 10 times larger than the world record.

“The largest parade of trucks consisted of 480 trucks and is achieved by Tahya Misr Fund (Egypt), in Cairo, Egypt, on 20 November 2020,” Guinness says on its website. “With a length of 7.5 km, Tahya Misr Fund was able to organize a parade of 480 trucks, amid the harsh weather and heavy rain, breaking the Guinness World Records title for the largest parade of trucks, which was achieved 16 years ago in the Netherlands with a parade size of 416 trucks.”

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