Comey’s daughter, prosecutor in Maxwell trial, earlier explained loss of Epstein suicide video

by WorldTribune Staff, November 30, 2021

Maurene Comey, lead prosecutor in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and daughter of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, was reportedly involved in the lost video of Jeffrey Epstein’s first alleged attempted suicide while he was being held in a New York City jail.

Daughter of ex-FBI Director James Comey, Maurene Comey, 32, is a lead prosecutor in the criminal case against Ghislaine Maxwell. / AP

Federal prosecutors are claiming that surveillance video taken from outside Epstein’s cell on the day of his first alleged suicide attempt has been permanently deleted, The Herald reported on Tuesday.

A Washington Post report listed Maurene Comey as one of the prosecutors involved in the lost video:

Jail officials initially thought they had saved footage from outside Epstein’s cell, when in fact the footage they preserved was from a different part of the facility, explained Assistant U.S. Attorneys Maurene Comey and Jason Swergold in the latest filing.

Epstein was found semiconscious in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MRCC) around 1:27 a.m. on July 23, 2019.

Prosecutors said MCC officials mistakenly saved footage from a different floor of the federal detention facility.

According to court papers: “The MCC inadvertently preserved video from the wrong tier within the MCC and as a result, video from outside the defendant’s cell on July 22-23, 2019 no longer exists. After reviewing the video, it appeared to the government that the footage contained on the preserved video was for the correct date and time, but captured a different tier than the one where [the cell housing Epstein and his cellmate] was located because the preserved video did not show corrections officers responding to any of the cells seen on the video.”

The Intelligencer reported that the request for the video of the alleged Epstein suicide attempt came from Epstein’s roommate at the time, Nicholas Tartaglione:

Tartaglione’s attorneys requested the surveillance footage, hoping it would prove that he “acted appropriately” and aid in his sentencing in September for killing four men and burying them in his yard in New Jersey in 2016. The night of July 23, Epstein was found semi-conscious with bruises on his neck in their shared cell; the financier later claimed that his cellmate “roughed him up.” In July, Tartaglione’s attorney denied that his client had assaulted Epstein, while officials speculated over whether or not the apparent self-harm was a staged suicide attempt to secure a transfer to a more forgiving facility, or a genuine effort to end his life.

One of Epstein’s victims is alleging that Epstein’s notorious Zorro Ranch in New Mexico had three computer rooms “the size of houses” to spy on famous guests including Prince Andrew, The Sun reported.

Former employee Maria Farmer alleges footage would include the Duke of York’s alleged seven-day stay at Epstein’s 33,339 square foot desert estate in 2000.

“Epstein reportedly had the warped idea of using the ranch for inseminating women with his sperm with the aim of creating a ‘master race,’ ” The Sun’s report noted.

Farmer told The Sun: “All of Epstein’s residences had these mechanical rooms and tunnel systems. I know this because Epstein told me. These rooms were enormous – bigger than houses. I have no idea why anyone needs so many computers in one room. There were pinhole cameras to record everything on every estate. The cameras were ubiquitous. You couldn’t see them unless they were pointed out to you.”

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