Comedian’s advice for the Left: ‘Cool kids can’t be hysterical every day’

by WorldTribune Staff, May 10, 2018

More celebrities may follow Kanye West in rebelling against “leftist hysteria” in Hollywood, comedian Dennis Miller said.

Dennis Miller. / Reuters

“If you’re going to be the cool kids, you cannot be hysterical every day,” Miller said of Democrats and leftists who are constantly calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

“If you’re saying the guy is Hitler-like or he’s a hooker junky, you’re missing the point,” Miller told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on the May 9 edition of Breitbart News Daily. “Because eventually the boy who cried wolf syndrome takes over and people go ‘Geez, it seems to me that Trump won on November 8th and every single day it’s the end of the world.’ ”

Miller cited the U.S. unemployment rate of 3.9 percent – and 6.6 “in the black community.”

“I just think the American people, the people in the middle, are starting to say, ‘Wait a second. Settle down for a second. Can I at least see if he can pull the North Korea South Korea thing off? Because if he does, you might want to take a break on this he’s Adolf Hitler thing,’ ” Miller said.

On impeachment, Miller said: “I think Trump looks at the House and says, ‘Whatever. I’m in here fighting everyday. You want to make me fight more? You want to put Pelosi back in and make her be the face of an impeachment campaign?’ You talk about driving people away from your cause. It’s just not going to work.”

“But right now, you can’t wake up everyday and say he had an affair with a porn star and a playmate and that’s why he needs to be impeached.” Miller said. “It doesn’t work since Bill Clinton.”

Miller also offered Trump a pair of political plays that would “etch him the Cojones Hall-of-Fame.”

“If I was Trump, I’d tell the guys in the House, start it right now” Miller says of impeachment hearings. “I say you’ve got nothing. I say you’re not going to impeach me. I say you’re going to play this up until the midterms and you’re going to act like it’s coming, and it’s not coming.”

Miller’s second piece of advice to Trump would be to take a billion of his own fortune “and come in with a forklift one day and a hardhat on and I have it all in currency and I’d just drop it in front of Congress and I’d say, ‘Here, here’s my billion – start the wall.’ ”

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