Columnist’s powerful tweet on pro-abortion activists prompts death, rape threats

by WorldTribune Staff, September 12, 2018

A conservative columnist said she received death and rape threats after a tweet she posted denouncing the pro-abortion movement.

Denise McAllister

Denise McAllister, a contributor for PJ Media and Fox News tweeted: “At the root of [abortion] hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament. It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity.”

Soon after, McAllister said she began receiving “threats outside of Twitter, stating they know where I live. Threats of rape and strangling. I spoke to the police. I am on home watch. My children are very frightened.”

In a tweet, McAllister said she is “facing legit death & rape threats because I have dared to call out women who are hysterical about abortion and to challenge them to be responsible and not to elevate sex to the point that they’re willing to kill human life to avoid their responsibilities. How sick is that?”

McAllister said the threats weren’t just “bad reactions” to her tweet: “These threats aren’t lame Twitter threats. Anyone who says we’re not in a culture war is deluded.”

McAllister told PJ Media: “I think the hatred for pro-life women is that they expect us to act in solidarity. When we don’t, they attack. I also think it goes deeper. Women have the legitimacy to criticize other women in a way men don’t. When we speak honestly like I have, they hate it because they know what I’m saying is true.”

McAllister added: “You can’t just end another human life because you didn’t want to be responsible – all because you put a higher value on having sex than on human life.”

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