Columnist: Why are U.S. intelligence agencies fighting Trump and not CCP ‘cockroaches’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 27, 2023

Donald Trump “is not a threat to America.” He is a threat “to globalists and communists,” a columnist noted.

So why, then, are U.S. intelligence agencies so focused on Trump that they are shirking their American taxpayer-funded responsibility of pursuing the “cockroaches” who dominate the largest threat to U.S. national security, the Chinese Communist Party?

‘America could beat the CCP at its own game, if the political will, if the intelligence agency will, existed.’

“Deep staters and Democrats, if they genuinely cared about the future of American liberties, would pool their resources and with Republicans, with conservatives, look for ways to sabotage China and its W.E.F., W.H.O., U.N. allies, and to stop the CCP in its Belt and Road Initiative-spreading tracks from a) advancing its cultural propaganda; b) strengthening its economic footprint; and c) developing and normalizing its anti-privacy, anti-freedom artificial intelligence and technologically-based social justice scoring devices and products and systems,” Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times.

How can the United States, “with a Constitution that regulates political behavior and requires leaders to remain accountable to the people, compete in a technological war against communist cockroaches that have zero respect for human rights?”

Chumley continued: “That is the question of the decade. And the answer is: On surface, it can’t. On surface, America must either lose its Constitution or lose the technology battle. That’s dismal. That’s bleak. But there are back doors ways to keep China at bay without compromising American’s liberties, though it requires a collaborative approach among the various political war machines on Capitol Hill. It’s called sabotage. It’s called take the CCP’s ways — and shove them back in the CCP’s face, ten times as hard. America could beat the CCP at its own game, if the political will, if the intelligence agency will, existed.”

China, meanwhile, continues to gobble up data “on its citizens like a kid tasting chocolate for the first time,” Chumley noted. “The CCP then uses that data to advance technology that is used largely to control citizens. And as President Xi Jinping has made clear: China’s goal is to rule the world.”

“Xi Jinping’s Vow of World Dominance by 2049 Sends Chill Through Markets,” Bloomberg wrote in October 2022.

“If America’s deep state intelligence forces were put to work sabotaging China’s communist advances, instead of wasting time, energy and resources going after Trump and Trump’s family and Trump supporters — not to mention parents who only want to resist School Boards from stealing away their children, or Christians who serve in the military — then perhaps the peril from the CCP wouldn’t be so great,” Chumley wrote.

“Perhaps America might emerge from the feckless Joe Biden administration with some sort of liberty still intact.”

While intelligence agencies were preoccupied with Trump, America’s places of higher learning; Hollywood; social media; and businesses “all became infiltrated by CCP teachings and CCP messaging, with a CCP long-term goal of taking over the country without having to fire a shot,” Chumley noted.

The only way America can reel back China, Chumley continued, “is by hitting hard at the nation’s economy — by incentivizing businesses to stop doing business with China; by returning to a time when U.S. manufacturing soared, so as to become more a country of producers rather than consumers; and by putting intel forces to work to do the propaganda and messaging and yes, even military missions of undercutting enemy CCP’s influences around the world. Isn’t that what America’s intel is supposed to do — fight the foreign enemies of America?”

“Leave Trump alone. Go after America’s real enemies.”

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