Columnist: Stop pseudo-science scam now; Make health care personal again

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 8, 2020

Scientists — and that’s “scientists” buttressed between quotation marks — “have long ago revealed themselves as factually challenged, devastatingly single-minded, even politically motivated on this whole coronavirus matter,” a columnist noted.

The shutdowns, mask mandates, social distancing. All along, Americans were told: If we didn’t take these provisions, more would’ve died.

‘In America, it’s time for the citizens to take back their rights from the charlatans.’

“The science was that the science was ever-changing, so to keep up, the rules, the regulations, the mandates, the orders, had to — simply had to! — change as well,” Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on July 7.

“That’s not science. That’s flipping a flipping coin, again and again and again.”

The latest panic porn report comes from, no surprise here, The New York Times. Despite the World Health Organization (WHO) saying there is no evidence to support the claim, the Times reported that “experts” now claim the virus is airborne.

Benedetta Allegranzi, technical lead on infection control for the WHO, said: “Especially in the last couple of months, we have been stating several times that we consider airborne transmission as possible but certainly not supported by solid or even clear evidence.”

Does lack of evidence matter to the fear-mongering leftist New York Times? Of course not.

“First come the scientists suggesting a danger — then comes the media criticizing the health world for failing to immediately address this danger with new rules, new regulations, new requirements, new restrictions,” Chumley noted. “Then come the partisan policy wonks, the Democrats, the Dr. Fauci types, China-friendly Bill Gates’ kinds, the anti-Trumpers and pro-Joe Biden-ers with their safety recommendations and health advisements and medical suggestions. And orders.”

If the coronavirus is airborne, Chumley added, “dontcha know, the people will have to stay home. Or, wear face masks 24-7. Or — just to be on the safe side — vote by mail-in ballot.”

“This isn’t science. This is bogus, bunk, best-guessing beyond imagination.”

Americans “went from wash your hands to stay in your home; from keep 6 feet apart to stay off the beaches; to shut down those fitness centers to shut down those churches; to get an abortion but not elective surgery; to protest in the streets but stay away from President Donald Trump’s rallies,” Chumley wrote.

“Well, in America, it’s time for the citizens to take back their rights from the charlatans. Scientists, on the coronavirus, have spent all the capital they have. They deserve to be drummed out and sent home. It’s time for the individuals to chart their own courses on personal health care.”

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