Columnist breaks out the popcorn: Hollywood reaps the destruction it sowed

by WorldTribune Staff, July 30, 2023

It’s a tragedy of untold proportions.

Yes, it is true, the 2023 Emmy Awards have officially been delayed due to the ongoing writers and actors strike. No new date has been set.

While millions could give a rat’s a–, Breitbart’s John Nolte reminds us that it is all part of the destruction that the woke leftist mob has sowed in Tinseltown.

The writer and actor strikes in Hollywood have “exposed a paper tiger,” Nolte wrote on July 29. “The strikers want a higher percentage of profits that don’t exist. Streaming services are losing billions, pay TV is dying, movies are not making a comeback, and entertainment stocks are sinking. Where exactly are the profits?”

The writers and actors are demanding residuals on streaming content and that is what scares the Hollywood elite more than anything, Nolte added: “For that to happen, streaming services must release viewership data on streaming shows, something they have adamantly refused to do. You see, the streamers don’t want Wall Street to see this data. Once Wall Street discovers no one is watching … the stock will take an even deeper dive.”

Nolte added: “The death of pay TV and the loss of those unearned billions is crippling an out-of-touch industry that alienated half the country and no longer knows how to create quality content. Worse still, the takeover of these companies by rabid leftists ensures these companies will not even try to win back the masses.”

Other reasons to break out the popcorn to watch the Hollywood train wreck, Nolte continued, include:

The Woke Prison

“With billions and billions of unearned dollars pouring in from the old pay-TV model, Hollywood stopped worrying about quality, stopped worrying about serving Middle America, and felt secure turning their companies over to the Woke Nazis. Disney is so politicized it has openly embraced grooming and sexualized its children’s content,” Nolte wrote.

“Once the Woke Parasites infest something, they never let go or compromise. For example, suppose Disney decided to save itself the only way it could: by returning to its roots of quality and wholesome programming. In that case, the Woke Nazis will destroy the company from within (CNN is in the same fix if it ever decides to be an honest, objective news outlet). The Woke Nazis demand everything be openly, stridently, and belligerently political, which destroys any chance of quality content that might attract a mass audience — which in turn means your streaming service will continue to lose billions.

“The woke tail is wagging the dog, and there’s no escape.”

The Return of Free TV

“TV used to be free,” Nolte noted. “No one paid for TV until cable TV came along. People are rediscovering this. If you live near a metro area, a $25 antenna will deliver all kinds of free channels, including the broadcast networks. If you already pay for the Internet, streaming services like FreeVee, Tubi, Redbox, and Pluto offer a countless number of free channels that deliver a countless number of movies, TV shows, sports, news, reality, DIY, and true crime programming. Why anyone would pay for TV today is beyond me.”

Pay TV Made Hollywood Lazy and Mean

“One of the primary reasons Hollywood content is so awful and repetitive (Fast & Furious 10, Indiana Jones 5, and all those Law & Order, CSI, and NCIS franchises that never die) is because ‘awful and repetitive’ is good enough when 120 million households pay for all that “awful and repetitive” content (they do not watch) through their pay-TV bill,” Nolte wrote. “There’s no reason to offer anything new or good when three million viewers are enough to describe your TV show (no one watches) as a hit.”

No One is Watching Streaming

“Every entertainment corporation has launched a streaming service hoping the streaming boom will automatically replace those pay TV billions,” Nolte noted. “Oops. Other than Netflix, those streaming services are losing billions. Disney alone has lost upwards of $10 billion on Disney+. Without the financial affirmative action that is pay TV, these companies must survive on merit (e.g., people pay directly for the product), and these companies cannot survive — at least not at the same level — on merit.”

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