College golfer who has serious heart condition after Covid jab posts video from hospital bed

by WorldTribune Staff, September 15, 2021

University of Tennessee golfer John Stokes said in a TikTok video from his hospital bed that he was informed he would be unable to participate in sports during his final year after being diagnosed with myocarditis after receiving the Covid vaccination.

John Stokes

Stokes, an Academic Medal of Honor student, ended the video by urging the NCAA not to compel student-athletes to get the vaccination.

Stokes said that he had spoken with a large number of other athletes who had had cardiac problems after receiving the jab.

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Independent commentator Todd Starnes brought Stokes’s story to America’s attention in a report on Monday.

Starnes noted:

John Stokes is a Division One golfer at Tennessee State University, but now his athletic career and his life are in jeopardy all because of the China Virus vaccine.

A few days ago, John received a second dose of the vaccine — and four days later he was in the hospital — with a severe heart issue. Myocarditis.

A 21-year-old collegiate athlete – perfectly healthy — until he got the vaccine.

Doctors told John that his college athletic career may be over.

Like many other college athletes, John was required by the NCAA to get vaccinated.

But students were apparently not told about the severe side effects of the vaccine — especially for young people.

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