CNBC analysis: ‘The Party’s over’, both Democrats and Republicans are done

by WorldTribune Staff, September 17, 2017

A “power vacuum” in both the Democratic and Republican parties has allowed President Donald Trump to work “with whomever he pleases on whatever issues he wants,” and signals the end of the parties as we know them, an analyst wrote.

“The partisan political structure in place for so long has brought us numerous wars, $20 trillion in debt and a government that’s grown well beyond its usefulness,” Jake Novak, senior columnist, wrote in a commentary published on Sept. 14.

‘Never before have we seen the leadership of both major political parties so humbled.’ / Reuters photo

“Love or hate it, it’s time to face this new reality: The Democratic and the Republican parties as we know them are finished and the politicians, the people who give them money, and the people who cover them need to adjust accordingly.”

Novak cited Trump’s recent deal making with Democratic leaders as evidence of the parties’ demise.

“Never before have we seen the leadership of both major political parties so humbled,” Novak wrote.

The Republican side is “headlined by a Senate Majority Leader with an 18 percent approval rating in his own home state, that could not deliver on its party’s seven-year-long promises to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Meanwhile, “the Democratic Party is getting more and more embarrassed as its highly-experienced-but-failed 2016 presidential nominee continues to weaken the brand by going on a national tour blaming everyone else for her election loss.”

Novak continued: “None of the above would have been possible before then-candidate Trump eviscerated a crowded field of 16 more experienced GOP regulars in the 2016 primaries.”

The two parties “pull donations from the same entities with just a few exceptions, and have similar track records when it comes to enduring challenges like controlling the debt, reining in health care costs, or improving the infrastructure, despite their rhetoric to the contrary. That corruption, or perceived corruption, played a big role in Donald Trump’s successful ‘drain the swamp’ campaign.”

For now, Novak wrote, Trump will be able to “easily shift between the right and the left as it suits him with more freedom than perhaps any other president in 100 years. Republicans and Democrats will likely begin to decide on a case-by-case basis when to support the president, when to oppose him, and when to simply keep quiet. And that means the long-coveted positions like Speaker of the House and majority leader will become less important.”

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