Civil rights leader rips PC black leadership as ‘solely owned subsidiary of the radical white Left’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 23, 2020

The New York Times and black leaders have shut off any honest discussion of black history that challenges the 1619 Project’s theme of racism, civil rights leader Robert L. Woodson said.

“There is no debate today. There is no black leadership coming together debating the path forward. They have been totally compromised. They are almost a solely owned subsidiary of the radical white Left right now,” said Woodson, who was actively involved in the U.S. civil rights movement, directing and coordinating community development programs for a number of local and national organizations, including the NAACP.

The Woodson Center has launched the 1776 Unites campaign to counter the narrative pushed by the 1619 Project that America is a systemically racist country.

Woodson’s 1776 Unites campaign is “an alternative curriculum for schools, churches, and homeschoolers that bolsters the achievements of black people and rejects the victimization heard from liberal African American leaders and the Black Lives Matter movement,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted on Sept. 16.

Americans don’t hear politically correct black leaders “speaking out against the black businesses that are being burned down in the cities,” Woodson said. “They are silent about black-on-black violence or Black Lives Matter burning Bibles and also desecrating World War II monuments and taking down Frederick Douglass statues. The black community shouldn’t be silent about all of this. And so, we think 1776 is stepping into that void to give some semblance of direction to the rebuilding and reuniting of the country. We want to reunite people.”

The 1776 Unites campaign has started to distribute a K-12 curriculum for free that shows the positive impacts of black people in U.S. history and highlights their successes. The 1619 Project, on the other hand, portrays blacks as victims of whites, Woodson noted.

Woodson said the 1619 Project is “a very corrosive and very dangerous challenge to traditional values. In essence, what they’re saying is because of 1619, a time when slaves arrived on these shores, that America should be defined as a racist society where all whites are culpable and guilty of having privilege, and therefore should be punished, and all blacks are victims that should be compensated.”

“1776, we believe, is not a challenge in the debate with [the 1619 Project], but it is an aspirational and an inspirational alternative to this diabolical, I believe, message,” said Woodson. “America should be defined by its promise.”

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