CHOP CHOP: Police-free autonomous zone residents bemoan ‘unplanned donations’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 22, 2020

A resident of the police-free nation of CHOP was enjoying his stay in the so-called autonomous zone, until a few days ago. That is when another CHOPite went into his residence, a tent, and collected an “unplanned donation,” which included his pricey MacBook Pro and some cash among other items.

The CHOP resident took to Reddit to file his complaint:

“Came back from a walk to my tent and all my valuable items are gone. My laptop (16 Inch MBP), power banks, Cash of ~$400 and an entire bag pack with my week’s supplies are now gone.”

Since there are no police, the CHOPite said he took his complaint to the local council which rounded up some cash, food, and spare power banks to help out.

Then he wrote on Reddit: “I just hope to get back my macbook not because it’s expensive, but most of my work is stored in there.”

The 16″ MacBook Pros start at $2,399 for the base model.

“It’s a beast of a performer, too, and almost certainly computational overkill for anything like an urban camping adventure in downtown Seattle,” Stephen Green noted in a June 18 op-ed for PJ Media. “Stolen from a tent in a happy hippy commune with no police protection. So quickly, too — CHOP, CHOP!”

In other words, Green wrote, “I’m guessing that anyone who could afford to bring one into CHOP and then shrug off its loss was probably coming from a position of serious privilege to begin with.”

Green added: “And you know what? The locals seem to have sniffed out his privilege, too.”

The “victim” in CHOP also wrote on Reddit: “I appreciate the kind gesture this community has given me. But I’m afraid I don’t have much supplies/necessities to last the week. I might be packing up to leave soon.”

Here is one reply to the CHOPite’s complaint on Reddit:

That’s right, CHOPites, when your stuff is no longer your stuff that is an “unplanned donation.”

“The condescending ‘You did good today. I’m proud of you’ is just the cherry on top of our victim’s sundae of shame,” Green wrote.

Meanwhile, Green noted, CHOP “must have been laughing their anarcho-commie bottoms off when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in an NPR interview that if the people of a city don’t want there to be a police department, then ‘they shouldn’t have it.’ ”

When Cuomo “tells you that people don’t actually need police, it’s with the assurance that people in Cuomo’s privileged position will never go without personal security of some kind,” Green wrote.

“Cuomo, with his personal security detail, will never know what it means to walk the streets in fear,” Green added. “The Hollywood celebrity who advocates gun control while hiding behind her armed bodyguard will never know what it means to be deprived of her right to self-defense. The billionaire with a personal SWAT team on standby will never know how it feels to dial 911 only to find there’s no one there to pick up the phone.

“So when Cuomo and his ilk say it’s just fine to defund the police, what they won’t admit is that it’s the people who need them most who will suffer the most. Just ask that stupid sap in CHOP.”

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