China’s state media slams Soros for rare agreement with Trump vs Huawei

by WorldTribune Staff, September 19, 2019

China’s Global Times propaganda outlet lashed out at leftist billionaire George Soros for his support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s war against Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

In a Sept. 9 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Soros wrote that Trump was taking the right course in viewing Huawei’s electronic products as a national security threat.

George Soros. / Photo by Niccolò Caranti / Creative Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Global Times in a Sept. 17 editorial condemned Soros, saying he makes millions with currency speculation, a game he could never play in China because “the central government’s effective control over capital flows of hot money has checked the intention of U.S. financial giants such as Soros to make profits by speculating in the Chinese financial market.”

The Global Times said Soros was in line with other “U.S. elites” and claimed the real story is that they are all scared of China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative.

“These elites contend Beijing poses a threat to Washington and have tried to suppress and contain the development of Beijing’s economy. It is not surprising that Soros, a member of U.S. financial elites, uttered such harsh remarks against Beijing,” the editorial said.

In his Wall Street Journal article, Soros had also said that China’s “social credit system” could “sound the death knell of open societies not only in China but around the world.”

Breitbart News noted that Soros’s “overall tone” in the op-ed “was not one of gushing praise for Trump, but rather apprehension that Trump will yield on Huawei and other security issues to secure a trade deal with Beijing.”

According to the Global Times, Soros was only critical of Chinese Communism, Huawei, and the social credit system because he is a sore loser frustrated that China will not let him play around with its financial markets.

Although the editorial promised China “has made and will make progress in opening up its financial sector,” it implied Soros probably should not hold his breath waiting for an invitation to speculate.

The Global Times concluded by advising the Chinese government to “guard against any attempt to crack down on China by using a trade war or financial war” and do everything possible to thwart “some U.S. right-wingers,” presumably like Soros, who “want an economic decoupling from China.”

Another Global Times piece on Sept. 17 taunted Soros for allegedly attempting to short sell Hong Kong stocks, calling him a fool for thinking he was up against “the collective investors of Hong Kong” instead of the authoritarian might of “the world’s second-largest economy.”

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