Centrist No Labels Party gets on Arizona ballot for 2024 election

by WorldTribune Staff, March 8, 2023

In what political analysts are saying will be a blow to Democrats’ chances, the centrist No Labels Party has surpassed the minimum number of signatures required to appear on the 2024 ballot for statewide and federal races in Arizona.

The No Labels Party already has secured a spot on the Colorado ballot for 2024 and has vowed to compete for access in at least 23 other states.

As of September, the No Labels Party had already raised more than $46 million and had more than 400 volunteers seeking ballot access in several battleground states, according to The New York Times.

No Labels plans to hold a nominating convention in April but has not indicated who may be their presidential candidate.

The third-party ticket is meant to act as an “insurance policy,” with No Labels vowing to drop its bid if either Democrats or Republicans nominate a candidate who is acceptable to centrist voters. It is unclear what qualifications a candidate would need to meet to be “acceptable.”

News of the third party’s rise in Arizona is “stoking concerns among left-leaning groups about a ‘spoiler’ candidate who could cost Democrats the presidency and open the door for former President Donald Trump to return to the White House,” the Washington Examiner’s Cami Mondeaux noted in a March 8 report.

Some left-leaning groups argue a third-party ticket would tank Democrats’ chances and pave the way for Trump to return to the Oval Office.

“No Labels is arguing this is a unique historical moment that gives their ‘unity ticket’ a real shot at winning the White House,” said Third Way, a Democrat-backed policy group. “But that is an illusion. The data and historical evidence are clear: no third-party candidate would come close to winning.”

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, who oversees election administration, said in a statement: “After an extensive review by my office and by county elections officials across the state, the No Labels Party has exceeded the minimum signature requirement and, therefore, qualifies as a new party. I am committed to supporting county election officials to ensure that they are prepared for this new addition to the state’s list of parties and any other changes to the 2024 ballot.”

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