CCP analyst: Strategy of conquest relies on manipulating U.S. China experts

FPI / April 30, 2020

By Richard Fisher

China has largely managed to convince all U.S. administrations from Richard Nixon through Barack Obama to slight American interests over those of China.

‘One of the major reasons for China’s success — and how it can continue to win — has been detailed in a brutally frank late April 2020 article.’

That stopped with President Donald Trump, but before 2017 and since the 1980s, China’s rise was largely unfettered by Washington as Beijing emerged as the major winner under globalization and is now on the cusp of obtaining the power and influence to displace U.S. global leadership.

One of the major reasons for China’s success — and how it can continue to win — has been detailed in a brutally frank late April 2020 article, “If Sino-American relations are to be improved, why is it necessary to win over the American leftists?” It is by a Dr. Meng Wei Zhen, an assistant researcher with the Minzhi International Research Institute (MIRI) at Fudan University.

Meng has a BA from the Beijing Foreign Studies University where he learned English translation. He then obtained a PhD in Political Science from the University of Hong Kong and has had wide exposure to Western academic circles.

MIRI is led by nationalist Chinese global power advocate Dr. Zhang Weiwei of Fudan University.

Meng is also a dedicated Chinese power apologist, having essayed in December 2018 about how China can surpass the United States by about 2040 provided there is no war.

Meng provides a brief history and political-sociological analysis of the American “China expert” class and provides advice on how to continue their manipulation despite a rising bi-partisan American hostility toward China, the onset of divisions within the “expert class” and their relative declining influence.

He also notes that since World War II, American China analysis has been dominated by “establishment” or “liberal” China analysts who largely admire China.

While there are many U.S. liberals who seek to help China change from its Communist dictatorship, Meng says they too largely believe in “engagement” with China. It is these liberals, Meng notes, who largely have provided the Chinese Communist regime with the time, the decades it has required to reach its global power status.

Also noted is that liberal China experts are self-limiting, in that as a community they reject “politically incorrect” views. They also self-limit so as not to express overt anti-China views in order to preserve their access to official and other sectors in China.

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