Candace Owens: ‘Left thinks minorities are stupid’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 30, 2019

Candace Owens is intent on taking her Blexit — or black exit from the Democratic Party — message to cities controlled by Democrats.

On April 28 in Dallas, Owens noted that “A big thesis that I have is that the Left thinks that minorities are stupid, they genuinely believe that we are stupid, that we do not do research, that we do not think, and all they have to do is plug into our emotions to inspire a reaction and to create division, and to create hate in America.”

Candace Owens: ‘While the Left is being tethered down by hate and envy and greed, we are being brought together with this movement of patriotism, a love for our country, and a love for God.’ / YouTube

The third such Blexit event followed previous stops in Los Angeles and Richmond, Virginia. The fourth is slated for Washington, D.C.

“It’s been a fight,” said Owens, “but it’s a fight that I feel God has given me the strength and the position to go forth into the fire — we will fight and we will win, because we have the truth.”

Owens also took aim at what she said is the corporate media’s negative portrayal of the black community.

“What makes me so sad about the way that I see the media portraying black people,” said Owens, “they made us more pathetic — when I grew up, the black community was loving, there was laughter; family; church; God.”

“I remember black people being strong,” continued Owens, “The pillars of society — my grandfather was such a good man, he has such good morals, and he was a strong man — and now we’re seeing a society that wants to weaken the black man, they want to weaken the church, there’s blatant anti-Christianity bias happening in our media.

“For me, I wanted Blexit to be a return to — a return to values, to restore the values in the black community, to make us realize that our enemy is not the white man, our enemy is the mainstream media that is convincing us that we are only victims.”

Owens also weighed in on the 2020 Democratic Party presidential field.

“Do you guys like this sign by the way?” said Owens, pointing out a sign in the audience, which read, Robert Francis O’Rourke is not Hispanic. “Does he really think that by giving himself the name ‘Beto’ that the Hispanic community is so stupid that they’re going to rally behind him?”

Owens noted that Joe Biden kicked off his 2020 campaign by promoting the lie that President Donald Trump called white supremacists in the Charlottesville incident “very fine people.”

“Reminder, Joe Biden, your mentor, best friend, and political ally was Robert Byrd, a literal Klansman,” said Owens, “No thank you, Joe Biden, no thank you. Who else in the clown show on the Left do we have as candidates?”

On Kamala Harris: “She could have said, ‘Hey black community, I’m going to talk to you about your issues — I’m going to talk about the plague of gun violence, black on black crime,’” said Owens, “What did she do? She offered marijuana. I mean, really think about what that says. It’s an insult. They don’t even want to have a conversation with us.”

Owens noted that Bernie Sanders is “a pretty wealthy guy, right? He wants us to live the way he won’t live, he flies private everywhere, he advocates for socialism. Well, socialism has already been tried in this country — they tried that via the welfare system in the black community.”

Owens continued: “Do you want to know what that did? That removed the fathers from the home. In the 1960’s, the single-motherhood rate in the black community was 23 percent, today it is 77 percent, because they used their welfare policies to incentivize father absence — because if you break down the family, everything else falls apart.”

“We have God on our side,” added Owens, “and while the Left is being tethered down by hate and envy and greed, we are being brought together with this movement of patriotism, a love for our country, and a love for God.”

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