By banishing good and evil, West risks ‘subjugation by the Caliphate’

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by Alexander Maistrovoy

The main challenge facing the West is not to defeat “them” but to find itself.

In a recent survey, 83% of Americans polled failed a basic test on the American Revolution.

‘Many a millennial hates his/her own values and at the same time naively believes in utopian theories.’ / CC-O / Public Domain

According to Belgian researchers Jan and Kurt Monten of the Catholic College of Limburg, “young people studying to become teachers know amazingly little about history. Many of them were unable to tell in which century the Second World War took place and confused Zionism with Fascism”.

History is substituted by vulgar phantasmagoria. We read about the British nobility of the 18th century which practiced cannibalism; Italian Jews who committed ritual murders; attempts by British intelligence to turn Hitler into a woman; King Solomon who was Pharaoh of Egypt and Jesus, who was King of Edessa; Vikings who worshiped to Allah.

Destructive nihilism, avant-garde and anti-rationalism in all spheres of human activity have transformed the West, according to Ulrich Beck’s accurate expression, into a society of “substantial emptiness”. The European culture, rooted in ancient philosophy, the cult of experience, logic and reason of Locke, Spinoza and Descartes, the moral and ethical ideal of the Biblical prophets, is equated to the culture of the Berbers, Indians of South America and African tribes.

No more “French culture”. No more “Swedish culture”. Oriana Fallaci noted with bitterness that the Somali migrants urinating on masterpieces of Florentine masters were the symbol of the new time.

God was replaced by exhibitionism, as a form of gaining unlimited happiness. The new rulers of thoughts praised schizophrenic thinking, overthrew the “suffocating” logic, declared as irrelevant the concepts of “good” and “evil”, “morality” and “immorality”, “truth” and “lie”.

There are no more “boys” and “girls”. There is “Swedish “it” (“hen”); “ze”, as laid down by Oxford University; “third gender”, according to the German Constitutional Court. There are “pregnant transgender people” and 15 types of sexes, according to a Canadian Federation of Primary School Teachers of Ontario manual.  Barbie is no longer a girl — it is “gender neutral doll”.

Descendants of those who landed in Normandy 75 years ago locked themselves in “Safe spaces” and coloring pages, unable to endure the anguish of the election of the “bad president.” Like mushrooms after rain, infantile subcultures have sprung: Bronies and Furry fandoms, Harry Potter fandom etc. Universities have become their own parody. One graduate student published an article “The conceptual penis as a social construct” as a joke. This “Study” was greeted with enthusiasm.

Witchcraft, astrology, belief in Lizard People, aliens and Satanic Temple have become part of the mass consciousness of not long ago rational nations.

Before the elections in 2012, National Geographic Channel sponsored a survey to check Which Presidential Candidate [Barack Obama or Mitt Romney] Would You Trust During An Alien Invasion? 65% of respondents said that Obama would better cope with this task. Supporters of “flat earth” theory and  even cannibalism revival have emerged to help prevent global warming.

“The Government of a nation itself is usually found to be but the reflex of the individuals composing it. … For the nation is only an aggregate of individual conditions, and civilization itself is but a question of the personal improvement of the men, women, and children of whom society is composed”, philosopher Samuel Smiles brilliantly wrote in the middle of the 19th century.

In other words, the fate of a state or a whole civilization is determined not so much by its political system, but by the set of values and the attitude of its average citizen.

Now let’s look at the average young man of the West.

Many a millennial hates his/her own values and at the same time naively believes in utopian theories. Leftist ideologies have flourished in lush color. British Labour and American Democrats look like their predecessors in the same way the Turks of today look like the ancient Hellenes.

Traditional spiritual and moral values are trampled to dust; self-flagellation and ingratiation in front of modern barbarians from the East turned into paranoia.  Churches are turning into mosques. Christianity has given way to new fanatical quasi-religions: globalism, progressivism, the “fight against global warming” and the cult of sexual perversions.

Islam, the rudimentary, archaic, patriarchal religion of the desert, has become the fetish of enlightened intellectuals.

The young generation is completely disconnected from national culture.  Nearly half of 18-24-year-old Britons (45%) didn’t know that Nelson led the British to Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. Half of German teenagers do not know that Adolf Hitler was a dictator, only about half of the schoolchildren knew that West Germany was a democratic state.

Disney announced that the new ‘Little Mermaid’ will be a black actress. In Spain Little Red Riding Hood and other classic works are banned because of “hidden sexism.” In Sweden, Astrid Lindgren’s fairy tale about Pippi Longstocking was burnt because of “racism”. In the USA, Columbus Day was renamed to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Foucault’s vision of “transgression” – “the hysterical woman, the masturbating child, the Malthusian couple, and the perverse adult” – became a reality. Classical art in galleries was replaced by paintings with ugly figurines with punctured eyes and buried noses; drawings on asphalt and on bodies; architectural complexes turned inside out with “interiors” made out of sewer pipes and “DJ music”.

This world, according to Solzhenitsyn, was “disassembled to the state of a cemetery, where there is no life, but every single thing or any idea emits smell of decay.”

With no foothold, no anchor, lodestar, or safety belt in the form of religious and moral values, modern man drifts, becoming an easy prey for totalitarian ideologies, sects, and banal frauds.

Not surprising that there is an epidemic of depression among young people in the USA. Every sixth European Union citizen has mental health problems, with the majority in Western Europe.

Curiously the collapse of the Soviets was the beginning of the end of Western democracy. It’s not so surprising.

Whether we like it or not, human societies traditionally have identified themselves according to a simple principle: “We and They.”

The presence of a strong and dangerous enemy facilitates the unity of a society, the formation of its spiritual values and prosperity. It happened in Athens during the wars with Persia and in Rome during the confrontation with Carthage. The republican values of the Romans reached their highest peak – they disappeared when the external enemy was crushed, and Rome carried on to larceny and ruthless conquests.

We’ve witnessed the same course of action in the USA and in the West in general. It’s only in the face of the “Red Scare” that the democratic ideals of American society and its cohesion were extremely strong.

Later, differences in the approach of the Democrats and Republicans basically disappeared: John Kennedy was as resolute as Johnson or Reagan in his willingness to confront the Soviets. And even Carter – a “soft-bodied” hypocrite – was forced to respond to the Kremlin’s aggression in Afghanistan, rallying the nation.

But the great and bitter paradox of our time is that the deadly threat not only not disappeared but has become much more real. The new threat, Islam, is much more dangerous and poisonous than Soviet power and the Red Army with its tank armada. Eventually Soviet Communism was a product of Western itself, continuation of Utopian communism, but Islam is alien and absolutely incompatible with Western values. Its main and supreme task is to destroy the West and include it in a future Caliphate.

It’s not about Iran or ISIS – it’s about Islam as a political-theological system. Their leaders, political and spiritual, don’t conceal their aim at all. Hear them. Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the main preacher of “Muslim brothers”:  “Constantinople was conquered in 1453 by a 23-year-old Ottoman named Muhammad ibn Murad, whom we call Muhammad the Conqueror. Now what remains is to conquer Rome”. Erdogan (“big friend” of all American presidents): there is no Moderate Islam. Dr. Subhi Al-Yaziji, dean of Koranic studies at the Islamic University of Gaza: “Conquer Andalusia and the Vatican” after Palestine.

“The Qur’an is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, Jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.” That’s from Mohammed Morsi, supported by Obama. Believe them, they don’t lie!

The principle “We and They” didn’t disappear. However the main task of us is not to defeat “them” but to find ourselves.

If “we” would be able to do it, “they” will have no chance. “They” will return to their desert: vicious, soulless, fruitless ghosts of a gloomy past. And vice-versa: the society of “substantial emptiness” will be inevitably subjugated by Caliphate.

The writer is the author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger)”, Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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