Burisma executive has 17 Biden recordings as ‘a sort of insurance policy’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 13, 2023

The Burisma executive who is cited in the FBI document alleging a bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden made and kept 17 audio recordings as an “insurance policy,” a Republican senator said on Monday.

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, in a speech on the Senate Floor, said the Burisma executive made 15 audio recordings of phone calls that took place between himself and Hunter Biden and two between himself and Joe Biden.

A Burisma executive made 15 recordings of phone calls between himself and Hunter Biden and two between himself and Joe Biden.

“These recordings were allegedly kept as a sort of insurance policy for the foreign national in case he got in a tight spot. The 1023 also indicates that then-Vice President Joe Biden may have been involved in Burisma employing Hunter Biden,” Grassley said.

“Based on the facts known to the Congress and the public, it’s clear that the Justice Department, the FBI haven’t nearly had the same laser focus on the Biden Family,” Grassley added, noting that “Special Counsel Jack Smith has used a recording against former President Trump.”

“Getting a full and complete 1023 is critical for the American people to know and understand the true nature of the document and to hold the Justice Department and the FBI accountable. It’s also important for a serving constitutional congressional oversight powers against an out-of-control executive branch, obviously drunk with political infection,” Grassley said. “Remember, Congress has received 1023s in the past and they’ve been made public. So asking for this 1023 to be turned over to the American people to read is not an unusual thing.”

Late last week, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who reviewed the FBI document, revealed that two $5 million payments were made to Biden family members.

The 1023, she said, revealed that Burisma hired Hunter Biden to the board “to make the problems go away. That’s what they specifically said. Hunter advised that they could raise more money if they bought a U.S. company.”

“He also said that he paid $5 million to one Biden and he paid $5 million to another Biden. And it was all a bribery to get Shokin fired and end the investigation into Burisma.”

Meanwhile, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee confirmed that Joe Biden is the so-called “big guy,” an alias that whistleblower Tony Bobulinski originally revealed as Joe Biden from his dealings between the Bidens and a Chinese entity.

Committee members’ review of the FBI document concluded the informant file indicated that Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, referred to Joe Biden as the “big guy.”

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