Book: ‘Dossier’ written by Clinton opposition research, not Steele

by WorldTribune Staff, March 9, 2020

Ex-British spy Christopher Steele was a patsy who cashed in by merely signing his name to “proto-dossiers” concocted by the 2016 Clinton campaign, according to the book “The Plot Against the President”.

In the book, investigative reporter Lee Smith note’s he discovered pre-exisiting “proto-dossiers” produced by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic Party through Fusion GPS. It was suggested that Steele “put his name” on the dossiers containing damning but unverified allegations against then-candidate Donald Trump.

The dossier would be used by the FBI as key evidence in obtaining wiretaps to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

In his first public remarks since the dossier with his name on it was published in 2017, Steele told a group of students at Oxford University over the weekend that he stood by the dossier.

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, California Republican, told “Fox & Friends Sunday” that Steele “didn’t even know what the hell was in his dossier.”

“All Steele did was, he put his name on these dossiers that happened to be exactly what the FBI wanted in order to spy on the Trump campaign. So, Steele is not a guy who has any credibility whatsoever,” Nunes said. “These are not his dossiers no matter how many times the fake news media wants to talk about it.”

“For him to even be talking about this is unreal because if he wants to take credit for these dossiers, really, he should be sued for defamation and slander because — because they were fake,” Nunes said.

Nunes also rejected Steele’s claim that he communicated directly with Russian officials to gather evidence for his allegations, saying, “Do you think that the Russians, who were formally connected to the government in some way, would give Christopher Steele — who they know is doing some type of work for someone… that they would give him information on Donald Trump? The whole thing is preposterous.”

Nunes also noted a document, sent by the British government in early January 2017 to the incoming Trump administration, which reportedly disavowed Steele and his credibility.

“Now look, that document… went missing,” Nunes said, adding that the letter was critical for former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s defense. “Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have asked, but like everything on this Russia hoax, the documents seem to disappear that are really important for the Trump administration and Republicans.”

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