‘Bombshell’: Communist China developed ‘top secret’ plan to assist besieged North Korea

Special to WorldTribune.com, January 2, 2018

By Geostrategy-Direct

The Chinese government formulated a “top secret” plan to support North Korea and increase military aid despite international sanctions if the Kim Jong-Un regime halted its nuclear tests.

A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) document dated Sept. 15 stated that China would not allow the Pyongyang government to collapse and North Korea would be allowed to keep its current nuclear arsenal if further tests were stopped, according to an exclusive report by national security correspondent Bill Gertz.

The ‘top secret’ document states that China would not allow the Kim Jong-Un regime to collapse.

The date of the “top secret” document was 12 days after the North’s latest nuclear test. The document was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon from a source with ties to the Chinese intelligence and security communities.

The document also says that China would apply sanctions “symbolically” to avoid punishing the Kim Jong-Un regime under a UN resolution that requires a halt to oil and gas shipments to North Korea.

The disclosure of the document comes amid reports that China has carried out oil transfers at sea to North Korea in violation of UN sanctions.

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted last week that China was caught “red handed”. “There will never be a friendly solution to the North Korean problem if this continues to happen,” the president said on Dec. 28.

The document appears genuine, said former State Department Chinese intelligence specialist John Tkacik who said that if confirmed would represent “a bombshell” expose.

The “top secret” document also shows China planned to offer North Korea “defensive military construction” and “high level military science and technology” which would include “more advanced mid- and short-range ballistic missiles, cluster munitions, etc.”

“Your department should at the same time seriously warn the Korean authority not to overdo things on the nuclear issue,” the document says.

“Currently, there is no issue for our country to forcefully ask Korea to immediately and completely give up its nuclear weapons. Instead, we ask Korea to maintain restraint and after some years when the conditions are ripe, to apply gradual reforms and eventually meet the requirement of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula,” the document says.

Beijing also believes that “theoretically” western powers will not use military force to overthrow the Kim Jong-Un regime, the document states.

“However, international provocations by Korea via repeatedly conducting nuclear tests has imposed huge international pressure on our country that is continuously accumulating and becoming unbearably heavy,” the document says.

“Also, our country, Russia, and others will absolutely not look on the chaotic situation on the Korean Peninsula without taking any action.”

A special report will be published in the new edition of Geostrategy-Direct.com later today, Jan. 2.

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