Body-cam footage: Suspect shoots at deputy from point blank range, misses, and is killed

by WorldTribune Staff, February 21, 2019

The Napa County Sheriff Department on Feb. 20 released body camera footage of the fatal shooting of an armed suspect by one the department’s deputies.

Napa County Sheriff Department

The body-cam footage is from a Feb. 17 incident in which Deputy Riley Jarecki checked on a parked car in the southern part of the California county. Javier Hernandez Morales, 43, was sitting in the driver’s seat when Jarecki approached from the passenger’s side and asked if she could check the vehicle.

Jarecki said, “Wait right there, don’t move, okay?”

Morales remained in the driver’s seat.

Jarecki came around to the driver’s side of the vehicle and asked Morales to roll down the window. He rolled it down then allegedly pulled a gun and fired a shot at point-blank range.

Morales missed. Jarecki opened fire. Morales was killed.

Police determined that Morales shot at Jarecki with a .22 revolver. A .22 rifle was also discovered in the car.

Morales reportedly had at least five prior arrests for violations including possession of a concealed and loaded firearm, assault on a peace officer and driving under the influence.

The video can be seen here

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