Blogger: What a difference a year makes . . . leaving the NY Times with only one recourse

by WorldTribune Staff, September 23, 2021

Frank Bruni of The New York Times calls it “The UnTrump Presidency” implying that all is well.

Of course that is not the case as Blogger Don Surber on Sept. 23 detailed for anyone who might still rely on the NY Times for information:

The ‘UnTrump’ FUBAR

Under President Donald Trump, the border was much more secure. Mexico deployed “15,000 National Guardsmen to protect our border. People seeking asylum here stayed in Mexico, not under some bridge in Del Rio, Texas,” Surber noted. Joe Biden “replaced those 15,000 Mexican Guardsmen with 15,000 Haitian invaders. He arbitrarily dumped Stay in Mexico with Welcome to America.”

Under Trump, Surber noted, “Afghanistan was calm. The Taliban had stopped fighting. President Donald John Trump was working with allies, the Afghanistan and the Taliban toward an orderly end to the war. We were in the seventh of 18 months of no allied combat deaths. Peace was at hand.”

Biden abandoned a strategic airbase without telling the U.S.’s Afghan allies, left $90 billion worth of equipment behind for the Taliban, saw 13 U.S. military personnel killed in one day in terror bombings at the Kaubl airport, and sent a U.S. drone to kill an America-friendly Afghan family, including seven children.

To NY Times hack Frank Bruni, that is the “UnTrump Presidency”.

“So the New York Times decided to blame Trump for President FUBAR’s mess,” Surber wrote (one commenter noted that you can’t spell Frank Bruni without FUBAR).

After praising Biden for not being Trump, Bruni wrote that Biden “pulled out of Afghanistan without the degree of consultation, coordination and competence that allies expected, at least of any American president not named Trump.”

“What is Bruni talking about?” Surber asked. “President Trump got an anti-Trump president of Mexico to agree to protect our border. President Trump left Biden with a plan to exit Afghanistan without leaving anyone or any equipment behind. President Trump knew what he was doing.”

Surber continued: “In just 8 months” Biden “has made the world is less safe, more chaotic, and crisis ridden.”

The New York Times fought Trump for four years “with lies, distortions, and fairy tales,” Surber added. “Now that they have an anti-Trump president, the entire nation and world realizes just what a great job Donald Trump did despite a seditious resistance by Obama, his party, the RINOs, the press, and the fat-cat billionaires. Blaming Trump for Biden’s mess just underscores what a pack of liars the press is, and what a failure Biden is.”

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