Blame Left for ‘real and advancing coup’: Comedian Evan Sayet on joining Jan. 6, 2021 rally

by WorldTribune Staff, February 3, 2022

Stand-up comedian and political speechwriter Evan Sayet revealed he attended the historic Jan. 6, 2021 protest in Washington, DC and pushed back against “radical Leftists liars” in the following Facebook post:

Just as there was no “Russian collusion” (the conclusion of the FBI and others) and just as there was no “quid pro quo” with the Ukrainians on the phone call the Leftists used to impeach President Trump there was no “coup attempt.” This, too, has been verified by the FBI.

Evan Sayet / C-SPAN

What there was, at worst, is a few people (out of the quarter of a million who went to Washington on January 6th — and I was one of them) who, with both every right and every reason, was outraged by what no one denies was the manipulation of the voting process.

Did this righteous outrage lead to “trespassing”? No doubt. Did this trespassing lead to incidental damage? No doubt. Does trespassing in a house that the people themselves own and incidental damage in any way suggest a “coup attempt”? Please, once again, you radical Leftists liars are making me laugh.

Even at this late date, there is a grand total of twelve people who are even CHARGED with a serious crime. Twelve out of a quarter of a million. I’ve seen more people charged with a serious crime (including murder) at a rap concert. In fact, at numerous rap concerts. I’ve seen almost as many people once arrested outside a Paul Simon show.

I am MORE than willing to be convinced via due process and through a court of law that each (if any) of these 12 people is guilty of the crime that the Leftists are pretending was committed by all of us. I’d even like to see them punished if they were to someday be convicted in a court of law. But the idea that President Trump or the other 299,988 people who went to Washington on that day were part of a planned “insurrection” is as big a lie as is everything else the radical and often violent Leftists have used to try and undermine the (twice) duly elected President of the United States and stage their own real and advancing coup.

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