Black defender of Confederate soldiers takes stand on downed statue

by WorldTribune Staff, August 23, 2018

A black man and “loyal southerner” was outraged that a mob of protesters toppled a Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

H.K. Edgerton. / CBS17

On Aug. 22, two days after protesters knocked down the Silent Sam statue, H.K. Edgerton stood at the scene holding a Confederate flag, according to a report by CBS17.

Edgerton said he was making a stand at the scene “Because I’m a loyal southerner and it just doesn’t sit well with me for those thugs to come and illegally move the Confederate Silent Sam.”

Edgerton, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said the Silent Sam statue, which had stood on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus for 105 years, and the Confederate flag are not race related.

“It’s something that should be embraced by black folks,” he said. “Not equated as being an evil symbol because it’s not.”

Edgerton told CBS17 that nothing knocking down the Silent Sam statue will solve nothing.

“People come and say, ‘Oh, I feel so sensitive walking past that monument,’ I don’t believe any one of them could pass a lie detector test,” he said.

“It’s always slavery,” he said. “The evil white man and the south land of America. That’s the biggest lie they’ve ever told. If I was going to be mad, I’d be mad because you called me an African-American.”

UNC System Chancellor Carol Folt released a statement following the incident, saying:

“As you are probably aware, a group from among an estimated crowd of 250 protesters brought down the Confederate Monument on our campus last night.

“The monument has been divisive for years, and its presence has been a source of frustration for many people not only on our campus but throughout the community.

“However, last night’s actions were unlawful and dangerous, and we are very fortunate that no one was injured. The police are investigating the vandalism and assessing the full extent of the damage.”

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