Bill Gates owns cozy relationship with Jeffrey Epstein: ‘I made a mistake’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 6, 2021

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire globalist Bill Gates said of the “several dinners” that he had with Jeffrey Epstein, “I made a mistake.”

Buds: Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates.

Windows Vista was a mistake.

Cozying up to a known pedophile is something entirely different.

Gates is said to have first met Epstein in 2011.

Epstein pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2008 by a Florida state court of procuring a child for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute.

Appearing on CNN for a conversation with Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, Gates was asked about anything that may have been “misreported” amid the recent finalization of his divorce from Melinda French.

Melinda, he said, “is a great person” with whom he aims to continue working as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

From there, Cooper — who first noted he believes it’s “no one’s business” what happens in someone else’s marriage — asked about recent reports focused on concerns Melinda, the “great person”,  allegedly had regarding Gates’s relationship with Epstein.

“I had several dinners with Epstein hoping that what he said about getting billions of philanthropy for global health through contacts that he had might emerge,” Gates said. “And when it looked like that wasn’t a real thing, that relationship ended. But it was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him the credibility of being there.”

Gates then appeared to attempt to use the “but others did it, too” excuse, saying: “You know, there were lots of others in that same situation, but I made a mistake.”

The full interview:

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