Biden would mandate mask-wearing on interstate highways for drivers in their vehicles

by WorldTribune Staff, October 27, 2020

Coming soon, the Federal Mask Enforcement Agency?

Joe Biden said he will force Americans to wear a mask at all times in public.

Joe Biden has vowed to impose a mask mandate on Americans if he wins the White House. That mandate would include drivers in their vehicles on interstate highways.

Biden on Oct. 23 said that his mask mandate would extend to “all federal buildings and all interstate transportation.”

But how does Biden intend to enforce that if he also favors defunding police? Will an army of social workers be employed to set up mask enforcement checkpoints and hand out tickets to mask mandate violators?

One Twitter user noted: “Yup – on that long 8-hour interstate drive with the wife or husband in your personal vehicle you will be required to wear a mask the entire time. This guy hasn’t got a clue. He is going to ruin your life. You’ve been warned.”

“Masks save lives, period…wearing a mask is not a political statement. It’s a scientific imperative,” Biden said on Oct. 23.

In June, Biden said in an interview with CBS affiliate KDKA that he would issue an executive order requiring Americans to wear a face mask while anywhere in public, including outside.

In July, the White House opposed legislation that sought to mandate all airline, train and public transit passengers and workers wear masks, saying it was “overly restrictive.” It added that “such decisions should be left to states, local governments, transportation systems, and public health leaders.”

Earlier this month, the U.S. Transportation Department rejected a petition that sought a mask mandate at airports and for U.S. airlines, saying the department believes “there should be no more regulations than necessary.”

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