Biden, Harris, Pelosi oddly celebrate jury verdict; Media-Democrats rush to politicize it

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 21, 2021

Team Biden celebrated  the jury verdict and the Democrat political-media establishment seized on Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction Tuesday as proof that America is “systemically racist.”

The only voice publicly countering this narrative was a black conservative woman, Candace Owens.

Derek Chauvin

Biden said that overcoming racial bias in policing required “acknowledging and confronting — head on — systemic racism.”

Biden called on the Senate to pass the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act and send the bill to his desk.

“It shouldn’t take a whole year to get this done,” Biden said of the legislation.

Kamala Harris, one of the sponsors of the bill, said:

“Last summer, together with Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Karen Bass, I introduced the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act. This bill would hold law enforcement accountable and help build trust between law enforcement and our communities. This bill is part of George Floyd’s legacy. The president and I will continue to urge the Senate to pass this legislation, not as a panacea for every problem, but as a start.”

Harris added: “America has a long history of systemic racism. Black Americans and Black men in particular have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human. Because of smartphones, so many Americans have now seen the racial injustice that Black Americans have known for generations.”

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually thanked George Floyd for dying.

“Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice, for being there to call out to your mom,” Pelosi said during a press conference with the Congressional Black Caucus. “How heartbreaking was that? Call out for your mom, ‘I can’t breathe.’ But because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.”

Conservative commentator Candace Owens told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday: “What we are really seeing is mob justice, and that is really what happened with this entire trial. This was not a trial about George Floyd and Derek Chauvin. This was a trial about whether the media was powerful enough to create a simulation and decide upon a narrative absent any facts.”

Owens said a teenager’s cell phone video of Floyd’s encounter with Chauvin was played on a loop, while other information about the incident seemed intentionally left out, pointing to details about the fentanyl Floyd had ingested prior to his death.

“The media told us [Floyd] was a man who is just getting his life together. A good member of society, and he mixed up because a ‘racist white police officer’ had it out for him and killed him… All of that fell apart,” Owens said, adding that the Fentanyl context is ignored by the activists. “They kept hitting that narrative, and the Democrats are happy because they realized the media supports them and that now means Democrats can get whatever they want.”

People like Floyd can be treated “like pawns” in a political game, Owens added, remarking that with the threat of urban violence and looting, those in power can get their way.

“They can create a narrative and they can treat people like pawns and get them to basically say if we don’t get what we want, we will riot, if we lose, we will send these people like soldiers to destroy your neighborhoods, and that is exactly what has happened,” Owens noted.

“They are already moving the goalposts because they are saying right now that [Chauvin’s conviction] is not enough. That wasn’t justice, by the way… what they want is a perpetual revolution. It is why they want people to be ignorant. It is why they want people in the education system to learn nothing but race, and how to be angry.

“It is propaganda that is taking place in the mainstream media, and it is working … [with] critical race theory and all of this nonsense, to make sure we are mass-producing [human] failures that are angry and that are violent and that are willing to riot and loot on behalf of the Democrats because that is what they want right now: pawns in their nefarious schemes to take over this country.”

See Candace Owens video clip here.

At shortly after 4 p.m. local time on Tuesday, District Court Judge Peter Cahill read the guilty verdicts the jury reached against Chauvin on charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Political strategist Larry Ward noted a few “hard questions” still need to be asked:

“Had Derick Chauvin been a black cop, would he have been convicted of all 3 murder charges? Had George Floyd been a 6’4” white guy on Fentanyl resisting arrest, would there have even been a trial?”

Columnist Frank Gaffney noted of the “systemic racism” rhetoric coming from the Democrat Party leadership: “That insidious and false narrative happens to be one aggressively promoted by what is, indisputably, the most systemically racist country in the world: Communist China. The Chinese Communist Party incessantly denounces America’s ‘racism’ to subvert this country and deflect attention from its own, ongoing genocide against ethnic minorities.”

Gaffney added: “Worse yet, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is making clear that his empire-building Belt and Road Initiative will help institute new ‘rules and standards’ for ‘global governance.’ If he succeeds in consolidating that scheme’s worldwide build-out of dual-use infrastructure and debt-trap financing arrangements, Xi will be able to enforce his totalitarian hegemony and, yes, his racist Han supremacism on others, and perhaps us.”

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