Biden confirms, he is coming for your ‘assault weapon’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 11, 2020

In anointing Beto O’Rourke to be his point man on gun control, Joe Biden solidified a stance he had taken last year — that a President Biden will be coming for you firearm if it is an “assault weapon.”

Joe Biden told Beto O’Rourke: ‘You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me.’ / YouTube

During a rally in Dallas the day before the Super Tuesday primaries which saw Biden go from an almost afterthought to a clear frontrunner, O’Rourke endorsed Biden.

“I want to make something clear,” Biden said as O’Rourke joined him on stage. “I’m going to guarantee you this is not the last you’ll see of this guy. You’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on ya.”

During his failed bid for the Democratic nomination, O’Rourke made headlines by adopting the most extreme anti-gun platform in the field. He had planned not just to ban the AR-15 but to ensure the firearms were stripped from owners who had obtained them lawfully.

O’Rourke said: “Hell, yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15.”

O’Rourke was also the only candidate to endorse the so-called gun control “Peace Plan” put forth by anti-gun activist David Hogg and his cohorts at March for Our Lives.

Hogg’s “Peace Plan is actually a roadmap to ending gun ownership as America currently knows it,” the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) said.

“The plan’s centerpiece, of course, is a massive ban on semi-automatic firearms, backed by a forced surrender program. But it additionally calls for annual licensing of gun owners (including in-person interviews and mandatory training), government-funded propaganda to scare people out of owing guns, a ban on online sales of ammunition and gun parts, a national firearms registry, and ruinous civil liability for the gun industry.”

Real Clear Politics posted a video of an August 2019 interview in which CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks Biden: “So, to gun owners out there who say, well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for guns?”

Biden responded, “Bingo. You’re right, if you have an ‘assault weapon.’ The fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period.”

The former vice president added: “Look, the Second Amendment doesn’t say you can’t restrict the kinds of weapons people can own. You can’t buy a bazooka. You can’t have a flame thrower. The guys who make these arguments are the people who say the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots, we need the protection against the government. We need an F-15 for that. We need something well beyond whether or not you’re going to have an assault weapon.”

The NRA-ILA said that “gun owners should take note that the supposedly ‘moderate’ Joe Biden has now positioned himself to the left even of the aged socialist (Bernie Sanders) when it comes to confiscating firearms from law-abiding Americans and assailing the individual right to keep and bear arms.”

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