Bernie Sanders endorses ‘outstanding progressive’ who endorsed bestiality

by WorldTribune Staff, December 13, 2019

So, a guy who believes it’s OK to have sex with animals is running to replace the woman who resigned for allegedly having sex with a congressional staffer and campaign staffer.

Cenk Uygur. / YouTube

Only in America? Or, only in the Democratic Party?

The guy, one-time bestiality fan Cenk Uygur, now has the backing of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Uygur is running for former Democratic California Rep. Katie Hill’s seat. Hill resigned in October. Republican George Papadopoulos is also running for Hill’s seat.

“For many years Cenk has been one of the outstanding progressive journalists in our country,” Sanders said of Uygur, who is founder of the leftist media outlet The Young Turks.

“I’m endorsing Cenk because I know he will serve ordinary people, not powerful special interests. He is a voice that we desperately need in Congress,” Sanders proclaimed.

This is the same voice who has said that bestiality should be legal in certain cases.

“Here comes the controversial part I shouldn’t say,” Uygur said, according to a 2013 video. “I believe that if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving, you are pleasuring the animal.”

Other videos posted to Twitter last month show Uygur discussing a rating system for women, explaining what “score” the woman would have to be for her to “suck your d–k.” Another video shows Uygur talking about how “hot” women from the Dominican are.

But Sanders loves Uygur’s “progressive” credentials.

So “progressive” is Uygur that, in 2017, he was fired from the Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee largely responsible for the rise of socialist Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. According to HuffPost, Uygur was fired by the PAC after sexist blog posts he wrote from the early 2000s surfaced.

Justice Democrats executive director Saikat Chakrabarti said Uygur’s posts “degrade what it means to be a Justice Democrat. We do not feel that Mr. Uygur is fit to lead or participate in an organization that truly believes women’s issues and the issues of black and brown people are all of our issues.”

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