Benefits of bowing to election narrative: Barr, ACB reap book deals

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 21, 2021

In the world of book publishing these days, it is beneficial in order to land a deal to hand over your spine to the narrative pushed by the ruling elite and their media wing.

There are a lot of so-called conservatives missing spines these days.

William Barr

While those who backed President Donald Trump’s fight for election integrity are finding it difficult to get published (or even a job in some cases), those who caved to the leftist narrative are being rewarded.

Mike Pence already has a book deal.

Now, William Barr and Amy Coney Barrett do as well.

Barr, who Trump appointed as attorney general, recently sold a book about his time at the Department of Justice, Politico reported on April 19, citing people familiar with the deal.

Barrett, Trump’s last pick for the Supreme Court, has also sold a book, pulling in a $2 million advance for a tome which publishing sources say will be about how judges are not supposed to bring their personal feelings into how they rule.

Politico said that other former Trump officials, including former trade adviser Peter Navarro, have encountered rougher seas as they attempt to get published.

Navarro, however, told Politico: “The reports of my publishing death are greatly exaggerated. I have a major publishing agreement with an attractive advance and my book will be out shortly after Labor Day.”

Navarro declined to say who the publisher was, but did say: “I can tell you it won’t be Simon and Schuster based on their unethical cancel culture treatment of Josh Hawley and his fine and powerful book on the social media oligarchs juxtaposed against their publication of the whitewashed book by Hunter Biden that conveniently ignores his sellout of America to communist China.”

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