Attorney charges Michigan Senate with ‘shameful’ cover up of election fraud: ‘We are not done’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 7, 2021

The Michigan state Senate Oversight Committee on June 23 released a report which maintained that the results of the 2020 General Election in the state “were accurately represented by the certified and audited results.”

The committee insisted that “every major concern” was addressed and that its investigation had conducted nearly 30 hours of public hearings; heard from 87 eyewitnesses, experts and concerned citizens, many under oath; reviewed over 400 pages of testimony; and subpoenaed key documents from the secretary of state and cities of Detroit and Livonia.”

Attorney Matthew DePerno, who has been at the forefront of investigating exactly what happened in Michigan in the 2020 election, said the committee’s report was “shameful” and an attempt “to cover up evidence of election fraud.”

The state Senate is “using the mantle of government to proactively intimidate anyone from speaking out about election fraud,” DePerno said in a June 24 press release. “These attempts to silence citizens are a clear attempt to criminalize political speech and a violation of the First Amendment right to free speech, freedom to assemble, and right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

DePerno said his team will “continue to expose the truth to the American people” and “will ultimately present our evidence to a jury. No corrupt politicians will dictate how the jury interprets the evidence of overwhelming election fraud.”

The Michigan state Senate “has refused to meet with our attorneys and team of forensic experts to review actual evidence of election fraud,” DePerno noted. “If they don’t review the evidence, they can continue to say they have seen no evidence.”

DePerno said his team has released 19 reports on election fraud thus far through multiple legal briefs filed with the 13th Circuit Court in Antrim County. The state Senate, he said, “failed to properly address any of the evidence submitted in the 19 reports (available for everyone to review at”

“We are not done,” DePerno said.

The reports “expose the inherent vulnerabilities and weak or nonexistent security protocols of voting machines,” DePerno said. “But more importantly, these reports also expose how the voting system and election in Antrim County was actually and definitively subverted through
fraud and intentional manipulation of the voting machines; and by extrapolation, the State of Michigan.”

DePerno continued: “MCL 168.797c requires Secretary of State (Jocelyn) Benson to hold a copy of the voting machine source code in trust. She is also required to analyze and test the software at least annually. Through discovery, Benson acknowledged that she has violated this law; yet the Michigan Senate failed to mention this clear violation of Michigan law which provides clear evidence of voter fraud.”

DePerno charged that the state Senate “has also suppressed information through internal unconstitutional nondisclosure agreements put in place to hide information from constituents and to avoid FOIA requests. On the other hand, we are seeking meaningful public hearings and forensic audits that will provide transparency. This is quite the contrast. The Michigan Constitution guarantees every voter the absolute right to audit the results of the statewide elections. This right is self‐executing; meaning we do not need permission from any branch of the government. Yet we are continuously and illegally blocked from inspecting equipment, poll books, or ballots.”

On the same day as the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee released its report, Rasmussen Reports released a poll stating that 55 percent of voters support election audits.

Arizona has completed its audit and the results should be announced soon.

Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin legislators are also poised to pursue audits.

“Numerous state attorneys general are reviewing evidence of election fraud,” DePerno noted. “But the Michigan legislators are going on summer break and calling for an investigation of anyone who seeks to investigate election fraud. This is shameful. Despite what our Michigan Senate may desire, the issue of election fraud will not disappear while they attend summer barbecues; nor do we think their constituents will be happy with their unconstitutional attempts to suppress the truth. More reports on election fraud to follow. Stay tuned . . .”

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