As China fails North Korea test, Trump approves major arms sales to Taiwan

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By Geostrategy-Direct

The Trump administration on June 29 notified Congress that it had approved a major arms sales package for Taiwan to beef up the island democracy’s self defense against an aggressive Chinese military threat.

The United States plans to sell Taiwan $1.42 billion in arms, the first such sale under the administration of Donald Trump.

According to Heather Nauert, the spokesperson for the State Department, the package is worth $1.42 billion and includes seven key weapons and defense technologies such as advanced early warning radars, supersonic anti-radiation missiles, torpedoes and other key missile technologies. The focus is on enhancing the digitalization of Taiwan’s defense systems.

It is the first time since President Donald Trump took office that the U.S. approved arms sales to Taiwan. The last round of arms sales was approved by the Obama administration in December 2015. It was worth $1.88 billion and included two frigates, anti-tank missiles and amphibious assault vehicles.

Taiwan has been a key point of contention between China and the new Trump administration.

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