Argentine conservative candidate: ‘I won’t do business with any communist’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 17, 2023

Javier Milei, an economist and conservative lawmaker who is leading in Argentina’s presidential election polls, urged Americans to have no mercy on socialists and their ideas and to “cut their financing and make them compete on a level playing field.”

In a conversation with Tucker Carlson published online on Thursday, Milei said Trump “is one of the few who understood fully that the fight is against socialism, it’s against statists, and perfectly understood that the generation of wealth comes from the private sector.”

Argentina presidential candidate Javier Milei with Tucker Carlson

Milei added: “The state does not create wealth; it only destroys it. The state cannot give anything because it doesn’t produce anything, and when it wants to do so, it does so badly. From my humble position, I would say [to Trump] to redouble efforts from the same position – don’t give the socialists any respite, not even for a second.”

Asked what advice he had for the American people, Milei responded: “Never embrace the ideas of socialism. Never let yourself be seduced by the siren’s call of social justice. Don’t let yourself be trapped by that nefarious phrase that where there is a need, a right is born.”

“You have to be careful because they [the socialist] have no problem getting into the state and applying the [Marxist Italian agitator Antonio] Gramsci techniques: seducing artists, seducing the culture, seducing the media, or meddling in the content of education,” Milei continued. “One has to be very careful, cut their financing, and make them compete on a level playing field.”

Carlson traveled to Buenos Aires to interview Milei in anticipation of Argentina’s presidential election on October 22. Speaking to Carlson on his Twitter broadcast, Milei explained that the current devastating economic situation in his country – Argentina registered its highest one-month inflation increase this week since 1991 – is a result of over a century of “embracing socialism” and warned Americans to engage in a daily, persistent battle to protect the nation’s educational and cultural institutions from socialists.

“Milton Friedman said that the social function of the businessman is to make money. That alone is not enough,” Milei said. “Part of the investment has to be to invest in the defenders of the ideas of liberty so that socialists cannot advance.”

“If they do not do this, they [the socialists] will meddle in the state and from the state will impose an agenda that, in the long term, will destroy everything it touches,” he warned. “So a strong commitment is necessary from all the creators of wealth to struggle against socialism, against statism.”

Milei said he is staunchly against abortion, referring to it simply as “murder.”He also vowed to not engage in any business dealings with any communist or socialist state – including China, which is currently one of Argentina’s most influential commercial partners.

“Not only would I not do business with China, I won’t do business with any communist,” Milei told Carlson. “I am a defender of freedom, peace, and democracy. Communists have no place there. The Chinese have no place there. [Russian strongman Vladimir] Putin has no place there. Let’s go further: [socialist Brazilian President] Lula [da Silva] has no place there.”

“We want to be the continent’s moral lighthouse of freedom. We want to be the defenders of freedom, democracy, diversity, and peace,” Melei told Carlson, adding, “so from within the state, we will not promote any type of action with communists or socialists.”

In October, Milei will face off against establishment “center-right” candidate Patricia Bullrich (who obtained 16.98 percent of the vote in the PASO election) and socialist current economic minister Sergio Massa (who received 21.4 percent in the PASO vote). As of this week, nationwide polling shows Milei as the frontrunner in October’s race. The most recent nationwide polling – a survey by the firm Analogía published on Wednesday and taken between September 3 and 5, shows Milei receiving 31.1 percent support, with Massa a close second at 28 percent. If no candidate receives 50 percent of the vote, the top two vote-getters will move on to a runoff election.

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