Anti-American do-gooders with conflicts of interest deserve scrutiny

Special to WorldTribune, November 29, 2020

by Cheryl K. Chumley

Following is the third of three excerpts from the author’s new book, ‘Socialists Don’t Sleep‘.  See Part I. See Part II.

The Open Society Institute run by world renowned anti-American philanthropist George Soros gave $3.4 million to UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in 2010; that was after giving $2.3 million in 2008, and other amounts totaling into the millions in other years. The Soros Foundation network, another George Soros organization, gave more than $2 million to UNDP between the years of 2004 and 2010.

Frame from the Gates Foundation web site.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation — these are all organizations with far-left ideologies that have donated, collectively, millions of dollars to UNDP.

The Left loves to showcase these nonprofits and these billionaire foundation examples of goodness as compasses of virtue and generosity. But gifts of money don’t a saint make. Charity doesn’t always come from love. Sometimes, charity is motivated instead by desires to spread influence, stretch one’s power — sow seeds of socialism.

The Gates Foundation was in large part responsible for bringing America the disastrous, top-down, heavily bureaucratic and federally mandated — for schools that wanted substantial funding, that is — Common Core education program.

The Ford Foundation has an entire Center for Social Justice building in New York City dedicated to bringing “social good” to the world — meaning, the far left’s vision of social good, by taking from one to give to another — and to honoring “the courageous people who devote their lives to achieving it.”

The Rockefeller Foundation counts among its causes the 2015–2017 Transform Finance project in Virginia, a $150,000 endeavor aimed at “empower[ing] investors to make capital allocation decisions based on an enhanced understanding of racial justice.”

The coursing of dollars from the elite flow widely from foundation to organization to UN mission to globalist cause. It’s a seamless transference that makes for some of the world’s most powerful socialist-minded elitists all traveling the same massively bureaucratic circles, all funding the same sorts of bureaucratic causes — all falling under media and watchdog radars by cloaking their socialist, collectivist designs in altruistic wrappings.

What’s wrong with the Ford Foundation helping UNDP provide financially for poorer nations?

Nothing. Nothing at all — so long as Americans aren’t caught in the trap of believing all these billionaires’ do-goodisms are simply acts of charity, no strings attached. Nothing — so long as American tax dollars aren’t used to bolster and pad the endeavors of the global bodies, and therefore, either directly or indirectly, the agendas of global-minded billionaires.

When Bill Gates in 2020 pushed hard for Americans to stay home, stay away from work, stay on the stimulus check dime until his foundation, working in partnership with the World Health Organization and other groups, could develop a vaccine for coronavirus, members of the media fawned; big government types cheered.

This is the same World Health Organization, mind you, of which Politico wrote in 2017: “Some billionaires are satisfied with buying themselves an island. Bill Gates got a United Nations health agency in Geneva.”

Watchdogs in the press should’ve been all over these connections. Watchdogs should have barked up that age-old follow the money tree and called out the inherent conflicts of interest with a guy who on the one hand runs a foundation with a stated mission to develop vaccines for the world and on the other pushes the WHO to declare coronavirus a pandemic — thereby opening the doors to global need for a vaccine.

Watchdogs should have hesitated more in offering a guy with a vested financial interest in developing vaccines for the world a national and even international platform to talk about the dangers of coronavirus, and the need for a globally administered vaccine. But they didn’t. “Bill Gates Might Save the World. Or Waste Billions on Vaccine Hunt,” one April headline from The Daily Beast read.40 Watchdogs were too busy carrying water for Gates — simply because Gates seemed so giving of his time and money and attention for a cause that he said would save lives. …

Americans shouldn’t be afraid to call out these conflicts of interest, or at least question these perceived conflicts of interest, out of fear of offending billionaires and globalists with power. That’s what the left counts on as a means of spreading its leftist views and agendas.

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Cheryl K. Chumley, author ofSocialists Don’t Sleep‘, is Online Opinion Editor at The Washington Times, a U.S. Army veteran and a licensed private investigator.

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