Analysts: Time to fight back against China’s ‘unrestricted warfare’ against U.S.

by WorldTribune Staff, March 24, 2023

The new book “When China Attacks: A Warning to America” by retired Marine Col. Grant Newsham is being hailed for its exclusive information and assessment of China’s “unrestricted warfare: the use of everything from drugs to inciting social discord to intellectual theft” to undermine the U.S.

It contains chapters titled “Biological Warfare: China Sickens America,” “Chemical Warfare: Killing Americans by the Tens of Thousands,” and “Financial Warfare: Defenestrating the American Dollar.”

“These chapters lay out the rot and ruin that China’s unrestricted warfare, abetted by the policies of some in our government and corporations, have brought to America’s towns and cities. Those crumbling neighborhoods in Baltimore, Chicago, and other major cities in large measure bear visible witness to this devastating assault,” Jeff Minick noted in a March 15 analysis for Intellectual Takeout.

Equally disturbing, Minick added, “are the politicians, corporate heads, and celebrities in the entertainment and sports arenas who have kowtowed to the CCP to keep the goodies and cash flowing their way. Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with China — his laptop reveals that he was offered $10 million a year for setting up ‘introductions’ — are only the tip of this iceberg of schmoozing and greed.”

Although its already late in the game, Newsham insists the United States still possess the ability to turn the tide. In the book, he outlines specific guidelines for launching a counterattack.

First, and vital to this effort, we must open our eyes and acknowledge “that the United States is already at war with the People’s Republic of China,” Newsham writes. At the same time, we must begin to instill in Americans, particularly the young, an understanding of communism and its century-long history of oppression and savage brutality. “Most Americans under forty have no real sense of communism and certainly not of its depredations and bellicosity.”

Newsham said the government has to take the lead in this awakening. The old belief that globalism and trade, always a lopsided proposition with the CCP, would liberalize communism was never true. The U.S. president, Congress, and pertinent federal agencies need to reassess their approach to dealing with the communist leaders in Beijing, Newsham stresses.

The author also points out that China is not invulnerable. The communist nation is rife with corruption, guilty of ongoing human rights violations, and ridden with what Newsham calls “system fragility,” which means China has faults that we and other democratic governments should be pointing out to the world.

And those points must be made quickly to counter China’s “major deception operation to portray itself as a new global peacemaker,” Richard Fisher noted in a March 21 analysis for

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This operation started with the March 10 announcement that China had helped broker a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“But China did not disclose that its ability to have done so rests on the leverage gained from decades of supplying missile and drone technology to both sides, which Iran has used to arm Houthi rebels in Yemen fighting against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” Fisher wrote.

China’s state media encourages the idea that China can now broker another peace deal that would end the Houthi rebels’ civil war in Yemen.

“Xi Jinping’s state visit to Russia from March 19 to 21 was billed on March 17 by China’s state media China Daily as a “Trip for peace” banking on the unrealistic expectation that Xi can devise terms to convince Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Ukraine to end the war,” Fisher wrote.

“But having whipped up such hubris the CCP pours on more. During a massive March 15 propaganda meeting in Beijing with a captive audience of 500 political parties from 150 countries, Xi announced an unspecific ‘Global Civilization Initiative,’ a purported attempt to promote peace negotiations that likely will devolve into an excuse to hold many more propaganda junkets for future captive audiences.”

As Newsham puts it, we “should aggressively, unapologetically, speak up for the system of rights, freedoms, and accepted rules of international behavior that has been largely responsible for peace and security for decades and has benefited most of the planet (and allowed the PRC’s development).”

Newsham reminds us that the United States has faced tough situations at other times in our history. In 1942, for example, “it seemed like we (and our allies) were losing everywhere — and it seemed like we might indeed lose World War II. We didn’t.”

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