Analyst: World’s top surveillance state runs largest transnational crime organization

FPI / June 7, 2023


The communist regime in Beijing is involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs, protected wildlife, and humans. It launders cash and participates in ransomware attacks.

It steals intellectual property. As a matter of state policy, it murders people for their organs.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping attends the China-Central Asia Summit in Xian, China on May 19. / Florence Lo / AFP / Getty Images

“What is the world’s largest transnational criminal organization? At 96.7 million members, it is the Communist Party of China,” Gordon G. Chang wrote in a June 1 analysis for Gatestone Institute.

The Obama administration’s “Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime,” issued in 2011, defines “transnational organized crime” as “self-perpetuating associations” operating transnationally “for the purpose of obtaining power, influence, monetary and/or commercial gains, wholly or in part by illegal means.” These organizations protect themselves “through a pattern of corruption and/or violence.”

That, Chang noted, “describes the Communist Party to a T.”

The primary goal of Xi Jinping and the CCP is to rule — not dominate — Earth and the near parts of the solar system.

“China’s officials beginning in 2017 publicly talked about the moon and Mars as sovereign Chinese territory, part of the People’s Republic,” Chang noted.

A March Weixin article on Dr. Yang Mengfei, chief designer of the Chang’e-5 unmanned moon lander, which in 2020 returned a sample from the moon and demonstrated that China had mastered the technological capabilities to land and recover people from the moon, noted:

“With regard to accelerating the development of China’s Earth-Moon space and aerospace industry, Yang Mengfei suggested that we should seize the opportunity to carry out the Earth-Moon space infrastructure planning as soon as possible [emphasis added], and accelerate the implementation of system construction to provide basic and universal communication, navigation, monitoring and other services, leading space technology to achieve leapfrog development, boosting the earth-moon space economy, cultivating new pillar industries, building a China-led international cooperation platform, sharing and co-constructing to provide services for global users, demonstrating China’s international influence.”

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Xi “is working to impose the Chinese imperial-era system in which emperors believed not only that they had the Mandate of Heaven to rule,” Chang wrote and, thus”does not believe it is bound by the laws of the international community. China’s regime, with this mentality, thinks that whatever it does by definition is within its right and therefore not criminal.”

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