Analysis: World War enabled by fearfulness is part of the ‘Great Reset’ plan

by WorldTribune Staff, November 9, 2022

In June 2020, at its 50th annual meeting, the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the official launch of the Great Reset. A month later WEF founder Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret published their book “COVID-19: The Great Reset”. The book declared that Covid represented an “opportunity [that] can be seized” and that “we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world.”

A pandemic without end “was supposed to be the cover for this global takeover. But as the plandemic has fallen apart piece by piece, being exposed for what it really is, the call to war has grown progressively louder,” Dr. Joseph Mercola noted in a Nov. 9 analysis.

World Economic Founder Klaus Schwab

As it currently stands, war would be the easiest way for Schwab and his globalist team “to implement the Great Reset, the One World Dictatorship they’ve been working toward for decades,” Mercola wrote.

“Imperialism, which the United States has perfected, is globalism. The U.S., Canada, EU, Australia and New Zealand are leading this new One World Order, modeling China’s nationalism at a global scale.”

China “has mastered a true dictatorship, thanks to its immensely effective digital control structure, of which the Chinese social credit system is a key part. This is the surveillance framework the globalists intend to emulate and expand to control the whole world. It’s also the foundation for their 5G cyborg ecosystem,” Mercola noted.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict appears to be the opening act for the world war phase of the Great Reset, analysts say.

As noted by investigative journalist Whitney Webb in her March 2, 2022, article: “Ukraine and the New Al Qaeda,” the war in Ukraine appears to be the manifestation of a CIA “prophesy” pushed over the past two years, which predicted that “a ‘transnational white supremacist network’ with alleged ties to the Ukraine conflict will be the next global catastrophe to befall the world as the threat of COVID-19 recedes.”

Ukraine-Russia appears to be the “newest iteration of the seemingly endless ‘War on Terror,’ ” Webb writes.

This goes back to the technocrats’ need to manufacture justifications for the implementation of a Great Reset.

Dave DeCamp notes in a Nov. 7 analysis on “Bill LaPlante, the Pentagon’s top arms buyer, said he expects Congress to grant the authority to allow wartime purchasing power at a level not seen since the Cold War.”

To continue arming Ukraine, Kurt Nimmo notes in a Nov. 9 analysis, LaPlante has been “calling for the Pentagon to be given the authority to secure multi-year contracts for weapons purchases, usually reserved for acquiring warships and fighter jets. The idea is to incentivize weapons manufacturers to increase production. Congress will not seriously address, except during elections, rising crime rates, an opioid crisis, the dissolution of the middle class, and runaway inflation (now 20%, not the ‘official’ number of 8.6%). Inflation is fueled by ‘loose’ monetary policy and the foolish injection of trillions of dollars into the economy to appease an increasingly grumpy population during a disproportionate pandemic.”

The Senate has added an amendment to its version of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to grant the purchasing authority. It would allow the Pentagon to make multiyear purchases through 2023 and 2024 of certain arms made by Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, and Raytheon, the former employer of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The Senate is expected to vote on its version of the NDAA sometime this month, and it will then negotiate the final version of the spending bill with the House. LaPlante expects the wartime purchasing powers to make it into the finalized version that will reach Joe Biden’s desk.

“They are supportive of this. They’re going to give us multiyear authority, and they’re going to give us funding to really put into the industrial base ― and I’m talking billions of dollars into the industrial base ― to fund these production lines,” LaPlante said on Nov. 4.

America’s meddling in the Russia-Ukraine conflict “also reveals that it is not willing to relinquish its imperialistic tendencies. As noted by ‘Bad Faith’ podcast host Briahna Joy Gray (in the video below), the Biden administration has repeatedly stated that our mission is to weaken Russia, which is NOT the same as helping Ukraine,” Mercola noted. “Curiously, the political Left, which has historically been anti-war, is now wholly in favor of it.”

In her segment, Gray discusses the surprising attacks by liberals against those calling for diplomacy. Gray, a Democrat, is dissatisfied with the Left’s arguments for why the United States should get involved in the Ukraine conflict.

As Nimmo noted: “Ukraine is hardly on the radar — and yet tens of billions of dollars added to an astronomical debt, conservatively estimated at over 30 trillion, will not go to help the American people. It will be spent in one of the only growth sectors of the economy — ‘defense,’ where death merchants embrace windfalls—and the destructive, poverty-inducing policies of the federal reserve and central bankers will continue to be explained away as corporate greed.”

Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Center for Sustainable Development, says he pleaded with the White House to negotiate peace and discourage Ukraine from joining NATO.

Team Biden refused, insisting that anyone has the right to join NATO if they want to. But, as noted by Sachs, this isn’t about the “right” of Ukraine to join NATO, it’s about the threat that poses to its neighbors, Russia in particular.

Russia has long been very clear about the fact that it will not allow Ukraine to join NATO, for the simple fact that it would place a NATO military presence right on its border. Russia wants Ukraine to remain an independent “buffer zone” between itself and NATO countries.

Sachs wonders: Would the U.S. be fine with Mexico forming a military alliance with China, installing Chinese military at our southern border? That’s highly unlikely, yet that’s what Team Biden is pursuing in Ukraine.

To fully implement the Great Reset, the globalists need to turn “neighbor against neighbor, parent against child and friend against friend. Every time we give in and adopt their hateful rhetoric as our own, they win and we lose. They win by pitting us against each other, because if we hate and fight each other, we won’t hate and fight them — and they know it,” Mercola wrote.

Mercola concluded:

“They need us to live in fear, because a fearful people will willingly give emergency powers to leaders, who in turn will take your rights away from you ‘for your own safety.’ Over the past three years, even our right to speak our minds has been taken from us, and people who counter the official narrative have been identified as ‘the No. 1 domestic terrorist threat.’

“They obviously don’t care about keeping their populations alive and well. They rather seem to want to get rid of as many people as possible, and a devastating war would accomplish that far better than the Covid shots, which leave evidence of foul play and suspicions in their wake.

“The imperialists — American and otherwise — are willing to risk it all to bring their global dictatorship into being, and that is what makes them so dangerous. Like Sachs, we the people need to push for a change of course. One way we can do that is by calling on our political representatives to fight for peace negotiations and put an end to the escalation tactics.”

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