Analysis: So-called ‘long Covid’ could be side effect from extended mask wearing

by WorldTribune Staff, April 16, 2023

A new study out of London has found no “statistically significant change” in the hospital-acquired Covid infection rate between the period of time when a mask mandate was in place compared to when the mandate was relaxed, a report said.

During the first phase of the St George’s Hospital study – Dec. 4, 2021 to June 2022 – all workers and visitors in the hospital had to wear masks everywhere. From June through September 2022, there was no mandate, except for “high-risk” wards, such as cancer treatment and ICUs.

The study found there was no difference in infection rates observed in either phase. Moreover, those in high-risk wards – which served as the control group – “found no immediate or delayed change in infection rate,” – no benefit whatsoever.

The study also calls into question whether the symptoms of “long Covid,” which are so dutifully reported by Big Media, are really the result of long mask wearing.

An earlier study, led by German researcher Kai Kisielinski, found that nearly 40% of reported main long Covid symptoms overlap with mask related complaints and symptoms described by Kisielinski. That includes symptoms such as fatigue, dyspnea, confusion, anxiety, depression, tachycardia, dizziness, and headache.

It is possible that some symptoms attributed to long Covid “are predominantly mask-related,” Daniel Horowitz noted in an April 14 analysis for the Conservative Review.

“The masters of the universe have now groomed people into thinking that perpetual fatigue, headaches, and shortness of breath are the ‘new normal’ or are from Covid. But how much of these symptoms are from masking, especially those who did it every day?”

The London study found that N-95s are even worse.

“Remember, studies have already shown they do not offer better protection against respiratory viruses than surgical masks; however, they definitely cause more side effects,” Horowitz noted.

In line with recent findings by Kisielinski, the results “clearly show that N95 masks lead to significantly more pronounced and unfavorable biochemical, physiological and psychological effects than surgical masks,” Horowitz wrote. “Altogether, the results in blood oxygenation, discomfort, heart rate, CO2, exertion, humidity, blood pressure, VE, temperature, dyspnea, and itching etc. can be attributed to the larger (almost doubled) dead space and higher breathing resistance of the N95 mask.”

Last year, a pre-print Italian study found that even short-term surgical mask usage was associated with an increased inhaled CO2 level greater than 5000ppm in 90% of 10- to 18-year-olds in the sample.”

Mask mandates were “enforced in Western countries with the same ferocity, meticulousness, and categorical unforgivingness with which the hijab is forced upon women in Islamic countries,” Horowitz noted. “Never before had the government induced a trend in society so invasive and so disruptive to human life, and never had such an intrusion been built on such a foundation of scientific lies. It’s the Western pagan version of the burka.”

Republicans in the U.S. Congress, meanwhile, “have not even voted to end the mask mandate on airplanes (after it passed the Senate while Pelosi still controlled the House), much less permanently banning the federal government from ever mandating or recommending them again,” Horowitz noted.

Western media outlets who pushed mask mandates were outraged over Iran’s recent new policy of using smart cameras to enforce the hijab mandates on women. “But they conveniently forget that we had ‘robocops’ used to enforce the secular hijab in America’s airports until a federal judge in Florida issued an injunction against the mask mandate,” Horowitz wrote. “At least the Islamists have some sort of religious foundation for their mandate. Ours has neither science nor religion – just senseless dehumanizing control.”

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