Analysis: Mother’s Day is next target in woke mob’s push to remove womanhood

by WorldTribune Staff, April 24, 2023

The trans movement and woke corporations who are backing it have selected Mother’s Day as the next target of their war on women.

In an April 24 analysis for UncoverDC, Tracy Beanz notes that “Twitter user AZInformer has put together a thread of emails (that is growing by the minute) of corporations who have decided to email their patrons and inquire about whether they want to ‘opt out’ of any communications having to do with Mother’s Day, lest they be ‘triggered’ or emotionally affected by them.”

The woke corporations in the thread include Kroger owned Fry’s, Kay Jewelers, Door Dash, Nespresso, Levi’s,, MAC, Milk & Honey, Thomas Basso, Stitch Fix, (ironically) Buy Buy Baby, Beauty Counter, and Cartier. All have sent emails with some version of the following language “We know Mother’s Day can be challenging and difficult for some, so if you want to opt out of all of our triggering Mother’s Day marketing, click here. But don’t worry! You will still be subscribed to all of our other marketing emails, about trans-rights, Black Lives Matter, etc, and Gay Pride….”

In the past few months, Beanz noted, “the non-traditional, gender-fluid Marxist-esque push to remove womanhood from society has kicked up a notch, with men who have decided to identify as women now going so far as to threaten physical harm should we wish to use the bathroom alone or with our young daughters and not be subjected to the presence of an adult male who still has a penis.”

Violence “seems to be the end result whoever is pulling these strings is looking for,” Beanz added. “Just a few weeks ago, a trans person killed 6 people at a Nashville school, including small children. We have learned since that there were serious emotional and mental issues at play, and the FBI still refuses to release the ‘manifesto.’ ”

The trans movement went hard after female star athlete Riley Gaines when she went to speak about the importance of women’s sports at San Francisco State University.

“She was assaulted and held hostage at the school while administrators reinforced the behavior of her captors,” Beanz noted.

High School senior Payton McNabb “has been retaliated against by the outrage mob on social media for speaking out about a severe injury she received at the hands of a biological male while playing volleyball for her team at school,” Beanz continued. “She may suffer lifelong permanent injuries from the incident and is being targeted online for sharing her concerns about biological men playing on woman’s teams.”

Women “are consistently berated as large corporations use men who have decided they are women in ads for our products, and then scolded by the brands at the lack of our ‘tolerance’ when we are rightly outraged,” Beanz wrote. “Budweiser is obviously at the front of mind for everyone lately, but there are several other corporations who cater to women embracing the trend of placing men as the ‘face’ of their brands. Ulta Cosmetics is one that recently engaged with conservative Amy Kremer a few days ago. Tampax is another. Tampax Tampons is using a man to market their products to women.”

These woke corporations who have gone all in with the trans movement “don’t care about your ‘feelings’ surrounding Mother’s Day,” Beanz wrote. “It is much more likely that they, too, are a part of the destruction of our society in favor of a fringe group of mentally unstable people who need counseling and serious help, not to be affirmed as they attempt to wipe females from the planet.”

Beanz continued: “It’s time for men and women to join hands, support each other in all of our wonder and beauty, lock arms, and fight back against this madness with our wallets and some good ol’ fashioned CHIVALRY. Thank goodness there is a movement forming to do just that and bring back traditional roles that made this country the amazing place that it was.

“And I have a message for men who think they can slap on some makeup and a wig and dance around like 5-year-olds and be ‘women.’ No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what surgery you get or what lipstick you choose to wear, you will NEVER be a woman. Womanhood is wrapped in our souls. We embody it. God made it that way. You will never replace us, and you certainly won’t erase us.”

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