Analysis: Money, not a ‘wave’, drove the midterm elections

by WorldTribune Staff, November 16, 2018

The 2018 midterms “weren’t a populist wave … they were an angry tantrum by wealthy blue state donors who used their money to buy local elections as payback for having their views ignored in 2016,” a columnist wrote.

“The most expensive midterm elections in history paid off for Democrats. And there’s nothing democratic about that,” Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, wrote for on Nov. 15.

‘Nothing democratic about it.’

“The Democrats have waged an undemocratic war on democracy in the name of democracy. The midterms were the latest leftist coup against democracy. And democracy lost to the Left.”

After President Donald Trump took office, Greenfield noted, The Washington Post announced its new motto, “Democracy dies in darkness.”

But “it was the Washington Post, not Trump, that was guilty of undermining democracy,” Greenfield wrote. “President Trump had been legitimately elected by a majority of states. The Washington Post was an establishment paper in a government city owned by a dot com robber baron. There’s nothing more undemocratic than a paper owned by the richest man in the world working to overturn an election.”

Democrats, Greenfield noted, spent nearly $1 billion to retake the House – and succeeded.

The Left has nationalized local races by exploiting its cultural power,” Greenfield wrote. “And when that didn’t produce the immediate results that it wanted, began overwhelming local elections with huge piles of outside cash. … San Francisco and New York billionaires buying elections in Pennsylvania and Nevada is not democracy. It’s oligarchy.”

Greenfield noted that Senate Democrats picked up $220 million in out-of-state donations in the 2018 midterms, 60 percent of their total cash haul.

“The majority of Dem Senate cash came from donors who weren’t living in the states they were running in, but who were trying to buy elections for them. That’s the Washington Post brand of democracy,” Greenfield wrote.

In the House, 45 percent of the Democrats’ money came from out-of-state donors, Greenfield noted.

“And when they didn’t succeed in buying a local election the first time, they just kept on pouring in more money into a district until they got their way.”

Last year, Democrats poured in $22.5 million into a special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district with 95 percent of the donations coming from out-of-state donors.

“Democrat Jon Ossoff received more donations from California than Georgia,” Greenfield noted. “Ossoff still lost to Rep. Karen Handel, even though her donations amounted to only a fraction of his ActBlue bucks.”

But, Greenfield wrote, “the same donors just waited a year and bought the seat for Lucy McBath in the midterms. In October, Lucy McBath was appearing at the Writers Guild Theater in Los Angeles hosted by Hollywood royalty like Katzenberg, Tony Goldwyn and Cameron Crowe for a $500 a head fundraiser.”

New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s front groups put $4.5 million into McBath’s campaign.

“There’s nothing democratic about Bloomberg buying the 6th the way he once bought Gracie Mansion,” Greenfield wrote.

Greenfield continued: “In Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, Betsy Dirksen Londrigan pulled in $1.7 million to Rep. Rodney Davis’ $700K in a three month period. And then outside groups poured in nearly as much again in support of Londrigan. $300K of that money came from California.

“In Nevada, out-of-state donors bought Jacky Rosen a senate seat. 85 percent of the radical lefty candidate’s donations came from outside the state. Of her 5 top donor zip codes, two were in New York, two in California, including Palo Alto, and the odd zip code out was in Chevy Chase, Maryland.”

“Democracy doesn’t die in darkness. It dies in the glare of lefty media, lefty money and lefty power which strip away local issues and local agency in Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Florida. Big blue state donors bought the midterm elections to send a message to President Trump.”

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