Analysis: Like 2020, violence is key to the 2024 election but this time targets Jews

FPI / January 10, 2024


Remember 2020, when in the midst of a presidential election campaign Antifa/Black Lives Matter rioters destroyed cities while demanding the defunding of police?

Pro-Hamas/anti-Israel rioters seen as the Antifa/BLM of 2024.

In 2024, with a presidential election heating up, chaos and intimidation have returned. This time, the targets are Jews.

The anti-Jewish movement “will spread to such cities as Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The aim is to drive the Jews and any supporters into isolation ahead of the presidential and congressional elections in November,” independent journalist Steve Rodan noted in a Jan. 3 analysis.

“The anti-Semitic violence will mark the movement’s playbook as America prepares to vote. There will be no meaningful debates or primaries, rather riots and intimidation,” Rodan added.

For this coalition, Rodan continued, “the bigger picture is America. Like Hitler, this movement sees Jews as a steppingstone, an effective route to take over the streets and end any semblance of democracy and civil rule. With the Jews gone, the rest of America will either cheer or turn silent. Those foolish enough to complain will go to prison or worse.”

Recently in just one example, hundreds of people in cars and pickup trucks invaded the quiet town of Teaneck, New Jersey, driving down the main street while screaming threats against Israel and pointing mock rocket-propelled grenades at those on the sidewalk.

“Then, the convoy stopped in front of stores that were owned by Jews and the threats grew shrill. The pedestrians scurried away,” Rodan wrote.

The police, who only a few short years ago were the targets of leftist rage, “did nothing.”

Rodan noted: “The war in Ukraine might end in 2024. The Israeli war with Hamas might expand to Lebanon and Syria. China might make a play for Taiwan. But one thing is sure: The Jewish community will be torn asunder over the next year because that is the road to revolution in America.”

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