Analysis: Durham confirmed Russia collusion was exclusively by Team Hillary, FBI

by WorldTribune Staff, May 26, 2023

Special Counsel John Durham’s final report confirmed there was indeed collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. And that collusion was 100 percent the product of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, an analysis states.

The discredited “dossier” on then-GOP candidate Donald Trump authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele “was not based on any raw or finished U.S. intelligence,” Rowan Scarborough wrote for The Washington Times on May 24.

Hillary Clinton loyalists brought the dossier to the FBI Hoover Building’s seventh-floor brain trust. The FBI became a co-conspirator.

The dossier was Russian “through and through. When Clinton operatives repeat Kremlin-sourced dirt to destroy an opponent, they are colluding,” Scarborough wrote.

Trump wrote in a Truth Social post: “The FBI offered Christopher Steele One Million Dollars in order to FRAME me. Why aren’t all of the so called Special ‘Prosecutors,’ together with their bosses at the DOJ, doing something about this. Why aren’t people under arrest. They spied on my campaign, and bribed people all over the place, and then go after ME. The people of our once great Country won’t stand for it. How much more can they take, as the USA goes to HELL? MAGA!!!”

Clinton campaign operatives, including Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff of California, “knew all the claims of Trump felonies came from the Kremlin. First of all, the sourcing was detailed” by Steele in the dossier that was financed by the Democrat Party and the Clinton‘s campaign, Scarborough noted.

“Years later, the final Durham report officially shows in detail the flow of bogus information to Steele from three supporters of Clinton — two Russians and a Washington public relations executive — who went in and out of Moscow in 2016. Thus, the fake information was purely of Russian origin.”

Meanwhile, Scarborough continued, “the vaunted FBI turned out to be Inspector Clouseau. It hunted day and night for evidence of Trump-Russian conspiracies when the people who colluded with Russia were right in front of them: the Clinton crowd. Clinton loyalists brought the dossier to the FBI Hoover Building’s seventh-floor brain trust. The FBI became a co-conspirator, trafficking the dossier to judges, the Obama White House, and intelligence powers such as the CIA and the media.”

None of the allegations against Trump made in the dossier were ever confirmed.

“Trump did not fund the Russian computer hacking of Democrats. His lawyer Michael Cohen did not go on a secret trip to Prague to meet hoods affiliated with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Paul Manafort and Carter Page were not the hacking liaisons to the Kremlin. Trump did not cavort with prostitutes in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton,” Scarborough noted.

In 2016, Charles Dolan, a PR executive with strong ties to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, became friends with Igo Danchenko as the Russians began collecting anti-Trump information for Steele. Dolan and Danchenko found themselves together in Moscow in June and October 2016 working on an American-sponsored business conference.

Dolan, a Kremlin contractor, also become close with top aides to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, including Dmitry Peskov, who is mentioned 11 times in Steele’s dossier.

“Durham went to great lengths to show the parallels between Dolan’s meeting with a Putin associate and that person’s name showing up in the dossier days later,” Scarborough noted.

The Dolan-organized Moscow conference was attended by Konstantin Kosachev, a senior Duma figure who is close to Putin. Dolan sat with Kosachev. After the conference, Danchenko traveled from Moscow to London to meet with Steele.

Less than two weeks later, a dossier item quoted a “Kremlin insider” as saying that Kosachev was a key liaison between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that he had facilitated the Prague trip. (There is no evidence to support either claim.)

“Dolan knew Danchenko worked for Steele. When the dossier popped in BuzzFeed on Jan. 10, 2017, he called Danchenko, who professed ignorance. The two never talked again,” Scarborough wrote.

Olga Galkina, a childhood friend of Danchenko, worked for Kremlin-owned state media and became a business associate of Dolan.

Galkina and Dolan did PR for XBT Holdings, a computer firm in Cyprus, which the Steele dossier wrongly accused of doing the Democrat Party 2016 hacking. The Robert Mueller investigation in 2019 cleared the firm, saying the computer intrusion was done by Russian intelligence. Mueller found no Trump-Russia collusion.

The Durham report said: “When Galkina was interviewed by the FBI in August 2017, she admitted to providing Dolan with information that would later appear in the Steele Reports.”

The report also said, “Curiously, Steele was in Cyprus at the same time Dolan was meeting with Galkina and others in Cyprus.”

Danchenko told the FBI that it was Galkina who provided the tale of Cohen secretly traveling to Prague. She has denied this, but the Durham report says, “This is consistent with what Steele informed the FBI during his September 2017 interview.”

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