Amenities for travelers to Castro’s Cuba do not include drinkable water, toilet paper, mosquito repellent

by WorldTribune Staff, June 11, 2017

The man who helped drive former President Barack Obama to cozy up to the communist Castro regime claims Americans are lining up in droves to travel to Cuba.

“Few issues have as much bipartisan support as promoting freedom of Americans to travel to Cuba. Restricting travel is restricting freedom,” Ben Rhodes tweeted on June 10.

Welcome to Cuba, just don’t eat the food, drink the water or use the facilities (unless you like it messy).

Rhodes’ tweet came as President Donald Trump prepares to roll back former President Barack Obama’s Cuba policy on June 16 in Miami.

There were some pretty noteworthy points that Rhodes, an adviser and speechwriter to Obama, left out of his glowing review of Cuba tourism, American Thinker reported on June 11, citing Marketwatch:

  • The food is inedible.
  • The water is not drinkable.
  • There are no ATMs.
  • Toilet paper is scarce.
  • You can’t buy mosquito repellent. And you will get bit.

American Thinker added that “other tourists have reported high entry and exit fees (now $160 just to get in), corrupt officials, a lack of decent accommodations, thieving airport officials, and a flood of hookers touting their bodies for sale. Why wouldn’t there be corrupt officials seeking to shake The Gringos down? These people have been taught all their lives that America is the enemy and have stewed in a communist culture of envy for decades.”

Combine all that with “the reality that Cuba is a military dictatorship tyranny with goon beatings of dissidents, and the only logical conclusion out there is that this is no place for a vacation holiday.”

According to Marketwatch, Americans are less interested in travel to Cuba this year than they were in 2016, a survey from insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance found.

Some 76 percent of the 1,514 respondents said they were not likely to plan a trip to Cuba in 2017 compared to 70 percent in 2016. Only 2 percent of those surveyed planned to visit Cuba in the next six months or by the end of 2017, the same as 2016 despite a projected increase in travelers from the country’s ministry of tourism. It also found that 60 percent of Americans said “would not like to travel to Cuba” compared to 58 percent in 2016.

“Would you want to go to such an island hellhole?,” American Thinker queried. “Ben Rhodes hypes it as a great thing, but the facts on the ground tell a different story.”

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