Alex Jones: 5.6 million new subscribers following big tech purge

by WorldTribune Staff, August 9, 2018

In the 48 hours after big tech companies blacklisted his Infowars site, Alex Jones says 5.6 million people subscribed to his free newsletter and podcast.

The accounts of Jones and Infowars were canceled by YouTube, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Spotify, Stitcher, and Pinterest.

The Infowars app has been one of the top trending free apps in recent days.

“The good news is Infowars has had the highest traffic it’s ever had – 5.6 million new subscribers in the past 48 hours – and so has my radio show,” Jones told the Daily Mail on Aug. 8. “De-platforming doesn’t do anything, we already have the subscribers, it doesn’t do very much.”

Since the blacklisting campaign began, Infowars became one of the top trending apps on the Apple App Store.

On Aug. 7, Infowars was the fourth most popular free app on the store, beating CNN, The New York Times, Google News, HuffPost, and dozens of other major media outlets.

CNN lobbied Apple to remove the Infowars app.

“Apple and Google are still selling the Infowars app, which contains some of the same type of content that both tech giants have pulled from elsewhere on their platforms,” CNN said in a Twitter post.

Twitter has not blacklisted Infowars. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Jones has not violated any of the platform’s policies.

CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy, however, continues to lobby for Infowars to be banned on Twitter.

“Twitter remains Jones’ only big portal to mainstream conversation… It was the only major social media company to take no action against Jones,” Darcy said, before adding, “I don’t think we are going to be seeing big tech take action against Fox News or the Daily Caller any time soon.”

Jones also said the new subscribers more than make up for the 2.2 million subscribers he had on YouTube.

“The loss we’ve had … on various platforms, has been way compensated by millions of new subscribers and visitors to our website, the mobile app, to our free podcast,” Jones said. “We’ve never had this much people signing up for our newsletter, podcast, video feeds, they’re all hitting subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.”

Jones said he believes the onslaught of media/online censorship against him has backfired in his favor.

“Even if I was ever defeated, from other places around the world victory is going to come, this fight for human liberty is unstoppable … people understand what’s happening and we’re gonna go on to the end whatever the cost is. We’re gonna never surrender.”

Jones also said he is a test case and that media outlets like CNN will continue to scheme with tech companies to silence and oppress supporters of President Donald Trump.

“It’s very dangerous for everybody else, but for me, who has been chosen as the sacrificial lamb, there’s a big effect,” Jones said.

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