After Jan. 6, pistol-packing Rep. Boebert finds new colleagues suddenly more receptive

by WorldTribune Staff, March 8, 2021

Because of rules imposed by Democrats who control the House of Representatives, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert said she did not have her Glock on Jan. 6 when she was in the U.S. Capitol as it was breached.

“I was disarmed, and I wasn’t able to defend myself,” Boebert said.

Rep. Lauren Boebert

Since then, Boebert said several members of the House and Senate have expressed interest in carrying a firearm in the Swamp, according to a March 5 column by Paul Bedard.

“I’ve had the privilege of hosting classes for members of Congress and the Senate to receive their Washington, D.C., concealed carry permit, yes,” Boebert told Bedard. “We’re making sure that members are fully able to protect themselves within all bounds of the law.”

Boebert said she has helped about a dozen members so far. “You need more than two hands,” she said of those she’s guided through the process.

“There’s an extensive course that anyone needs to go through to obtain their permit here in Washington, D.C. We were able to bring in an instructor and have members participate in that course, and then, they went to Maryland and another target shooting range required for D.C. law and then went down to MPD and filled out all the paperwork to receive their permits,” she said.

Bedard noted that the “pistol-packing” Boebert “has drawn a lot of attention to herself for testing the limits of liberal Washington’s gun hate. First, she walked around the city for a video showing a Glock on her hip. She has strolled the halls of Congress with it on. In a Zoom call, she sat in front of two AR-15s, a pistol, and a shotgun. And she even went through the process of winning a concealed carry permit from Washington’s Metropolitan Police.”

Boebert told Bedard: “You want it in case you need it, and, you know, I have my firearm in case I need it. I never want to have a day where I don’t have it and then need it.”

“We certainly have to protect ourselves,” said Boebert, who noted that she Many death threats have been directed at her. “I have received credible death threats. I mean, these people have been contacted by the FBI. My family has received death threats, and I’m not alone in that. There are many members,” she said, including Democrats.

Another first-term Republican House member, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, “has introduced legislation to challenge the pro-gun control Democrats and hosted her third gun giveaway,” Bedard ntoed.

Greene told Bedard she plans to apply for her concealed carry permit in Washington. “I have my license back home in Georgia. Sometime soon, I’ll get to do that here, but right now, I’m more focused on protecting the people’s gun rights than being solely focused on my own.”

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