After India’s emergency response to covid crisis, new cases ‘absolutely plummeted’

Special to WorldTribune, May 19, 2021

By R. Clinton Ohlers

After India was slammed by the latest outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the nation saw a sharp drop in cases after its national health ministry promoted two drug therapies pointedly suppressed in the United States: hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The nation’s updated guidelines for treating asymptomatic and mild cases of Covid-19 were published on April 28. Since then cases have “absolutely plummeted,” says American physician Dr. Pierre Kory. Kory says India’s experience matches that of Mexico, WorldNetDaily reported.

Mexico’s data is similar to the results that Israel achieved through vaccines, promoting Kory to call ivermectin a “credible alternative to vaccines.”

As a life-saving therapy for Covid-19, Kory says, it’s not a question of possibility, “it’s proven.”

Kory is the chief medical officer of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, which provides information about ivermectin as a covid therapy, including how to get it and resources to help coronavirus sufferers find doctors who will prescribe it. Kory’s organization draws its data from over 50 studies demonstrating the drug’s effectiveness, as outlined in a recent publication with the American Journal of Therapeutics.

On May 17, Indian officials announced that daily covid cases in the country fell below 300,000 for the first time in 25 days. Kory reported India’s promising findings in a Zoom call on May 13 (see in full below), in which he reviewed information compiled from several Indian states during the two weeks since the government began promoting ivermectin there. In Dehli, the data showed “hospitals emptying,” Kory said.

India’s health agency is recommending ivermectin to asymptomatic patients and hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic to be taken by caregivers of quarantined patients.

Hydroxychloroquine was disparaged by major media organizations, government officials and many in the medical community after President Trump suggested it could be an effective therapy, based on reports out of France and other countries.

Ivermectin has been resisted by the FDA as a covid therapy in spite of numerous studies finding it highly effective at all stages of the disease.

As readers of World Tribune are likely aware, news on both drugs has been the object of censorship by Big Tech social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Such suppression is not limited to the United States. Kory notes that even media outlets in Mexico have been silent and refuse to report on the effectiveness of ivermectin in emptying hospitals in that country.

Attacking both therapies in a pronounced example of media disinformation, the Canadian Global Television Network attributed belief in the effectiveness of both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to “conspiracy theorists,” claiming that scientists say the drugs are “useless at treating the disease.”

Such reporting ignores numerous studies indicating the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and as a prophylactic against coronavirus. Fifty-four peer-reviewed studies show the effectiveness of ivermectin both as a therapy and prophylactic against the disease.

Last September, World Tribune published a reassessment demonstrating that even major studies claiming the ineffectiveness of hydroxychloroquine contained evidence of its success buried in the data by means of patient grouping and timing of administration of the drug.

A peer-reviewed study in February found that ivermectin reduces covid hospitalizations and deaths by 75 percent. A study by Andrew Hill of Liverpool University, with numerous coauthors, also reported that ivermectin reduced death rates by 75 percent.

Eighteen randomized controlled trials around the world demonstrate ivermectin producing “repeated, consistent, large magnitude improvements in covid patient outcomes” in all stages of the disease,” according to the study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics.

The evidence is so strong that the researchers advised the drug become the standard of care around the world in order to hasten a global recovery.

“The data is overwhelming — we are in a pandemic, and this is an incredibly effective way to combat it. If we use ivermectin widely, our societies can open up,” said Professor Paul Marik, director of emergency and pulmonary care at Eastern Medical School, and a co-author of the study.

Speaking before a Senate hearing in December, Kory observed, “Although we, like many, are extremely encouraged by the apparent successes in developing effective vaccines, we also are dismayed by the near complete absence of guidance and research on effective early, at home, or preventative treatment options apart from vaccines.”

It is “a reality we find unconscionable,” Kory said of the perplexing state of affairs, adding that “if our call to action is not followed through, confidence in our healthcare leaders and agencies will be irreparably tarnished.”

“There are countries that get it,” Kory said in the May 13 Zoom call. “There’s a long list of countries around the world that are starting to adopt this. It’s still being obstructed in most of the Western world.”

That tarnishing has already occurred, according to Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. Risch achieved notoriety last spring when he published findings supporting hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness when used during the first several days after onset of symptoms.

In a later interview with Mark Levin, Risch called the evidence supporting the drug’s efficacy against Covid-19 “stronger than anything else I’ve studied in my entire career.”

“Scientifically, there is no question whatsoever,” Risch added.

“You can hardly believe what anybody says anymore,” Risch said in an interview in December with Laura Ingraham on Fox News.  “We’ve lost 300,000 lives in the United States because our government has basically told everyone to go home, stay home, and if you can’t breathe, go to the hospital.”

Risch described the U. S. government’s position, which is focused solely on vaccines, as  “therapeutic nihilism.”

“These are drugs that everywhere else in the world are being used very effectively,” Risch said, noting that the mortality rate is five times lower in Third World countries, where these inexpensive and widely available therapeutics are “all they can afford to do.”

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