After being elected to school board, Arizona woman reveals woke war on curricula

by WorldTribune Staff, January 31, 2023

A newly elected member of an Arizona school board leaked on social media and informed parents that the school district’s high school is considering a science curriculum which discounts the reality of biological sex.

Heather Rooks, who had been an outspoken parent at the Peoria Unified School District’s meetings, was elected to the school board in November. Within a month of being elected, Rooks revealed a proposed textbook that would be used in the district’s high school which states that biological sex isn’t binary.

Heather Rooks / Facebook

Rooks, a mother of five who ran for the Peoria school board on a campaign for parents’ rights, posted photos from the woke textbook on her personal Facebook page on Jan. 20.

“I want parents to understand what is coming: Science and math curriculum adoption is coming in [the] Peoria Unified School District. There are different companies at the district office to read through on textbooks and online resources,” Rooks wrote.

Rooks included photos showing that the textbook, produced by the Savvas Company and written by biologists Ken Miller and Joe Levine, dismisses the idea of biological sex.

“The biochemical, physiological and anatomical features associated with “males” and “females” are turning out to be more complex than previously realized, with many genes involved in their development,” a passage from the textbook reads. “We now know that sex is not a binary state, with just two defined outcomes. Because of the complexity of the genes and proteins involved in sex determination, many variations exist.”

The textbook continues: “Some individuals are born with intermediate sexual (‘intersex’) characteristics or even with anatomical features that do not match an individual’s sense of their own gender (‘transgender’ individuals). Sex determination is an active area of research that should yield a more sophisticated understanding in years to come.”

The textbook has not yet been adopted for use at the Peoria high school, but the board will vote on using it or two others at a meeting in May.

“I mean, these are kids we’re talking about. It’s not adults making adult decisions. These are children. So their minds are… not developed completely yet,” Rooks told Fox News Digital. “Now on the other side. I can go back and ask questions.”

Parents responded to Rooks’ post by saying they do not want the textbook to be used in the district, with one mother writing: “I’m so thankful that so many parents are paying attention. It’s going to become harder and harder to even find curriculum that doesn’t include all of this propaganda.”

Another said she was glad that she pulled her children out of the public school district, saying: “I’m so sick of the indoctrination but yet being told we parents are overreacting.”

Fox News Digital pointed to other examples of the science curriculum being integrated with radical woke ideas in U.S. schools.

An “intersectional climate scientist” with a doctorate degree – Dr. Chandler Puritty – rebutted the idea of objective science, Fox News Digital reported.

“I would often be called out for my takeaways and my ideas saying that I am being subjective. When in reality the fact is we are all being subjective. But White men get to ignore the fact that they are being subjective because they are normal, the baseline – because their subjectivity is normalized,” she said.

A Minnesota science teacher in the Saint Paul Public Schools district criticized cell biology lessons, particularly on mitochondrion, for containing “capitalist” propaganda, Fox News Digital found.

Jung proceeded to provide the “perfect example” of how “capitalist indoctrination” is expressed in her seventh grade science classes.

“Seventh grade science… [is] the year that you learn that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and all this cell biology. So at the end of the unit, I have [students] take a test. And one of the questions is ‘A person says the nucleus is the most important organelle in the cell. Do you agree or disagree, and why? And almost every child says, ‘Yes, I agree. Because without a boss, the cell would be in total chaos.’ ”

Jung added the students’ responses “cracks me up,” and went on to claim microscopic bacteria were the “original anarchists.”

A Colorado professor claims astrophysics is steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy.

Natalie Gosnell, a professor of physics at Colorado College, wants to take an unorthodox approach to teach physics by interpreting it through the lens of race.

“Both artists and scientists are just observing things about the world, making interpretations about those observations, and then sharing their interpretation,” Gosnell told Colorado College News.

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