‘Absolute proof’: The pillow guy documents voting data fraud


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Millions nationwide are watching Mike Lindell’s documentary, ‘Absolute Proof,’ which presents evidence it claims merits investigation without the permission of the corporate media and Big Tech. The documentary is on Rumble, not You Tube.

The folksy founder of MyPillow starts by interviewing numerous experts and officials on evidence of fraud in battleground states and concludes with data presented by Mary Fanning.

Cybersecurity experts began documenting intrusions in 2195 U.S. counties beginning on Nov. 1, 2020 in real time and recorded each hacker’s location and IP address as well as the target counties as well as the impact on the votes cast the U.S. president over the next several days. 66 percent of the intrusions came from China, according to the data. “Proof positive,” she said.

“The most massive cyberwarfare attack ever,” claimed Retired USAF Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney.

See the ‘Absolute Proof’ documentary here.

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